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You Actually Believed Trump Would Ruin America?

To the tweet-averse and fence-sitting voters: The left hates America and is on a mission to dismantle all of the mechanisms that are currently in place. The latest message is that everything is built on racism; that means it’s all got to go. However, that isn’t the only reason they exhort us to change. In schools, textbooks offer glorious accountings of the command economy while condemning free market principles (two glaring omissions are that communism is responsible for 100 million deaths and that capitalism is responsible for pulling more than that out of poverty, but no matter).

At a societal level, if the left had their way the first amendment would disappear in favor of new Chinese dissension laws. After all, opposing speech can be violent, however legitimate it is. Democrat candidates for president don’t hide their fervor for wanting to dismantle the second amendment, too. The loss of 1st and 2nd amendment rights doesn’t make it that hard to envision a world where the judicial system caves in. That’d include the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th amendments in some capacity. If it becomes a crime to question the prevailing authority, what is to stop our leaders from constructing a castigatory system like Mao or Stalin had? 

Do you remember back to 2016 that candidate Donald Trump was going to ruin America? In November of that year, President Trump was elected to become the next commander-in-chief. Immediately, there were apocalyptic analyses of Trump leading the United States to unrecoverable disaster. As if they really care. If our current situation weren’t so scary and sad, the left’s concern for America would have been comical.

Nobel-winning economists predicted financial ruin. They said the world economy would crumble! Smarmy elitists chicken-littled through the promise that “Trump Will Destroy America” and “President Trump Could Destroy the World Economy.” They warned us of impending doom in foretelling “The Destruction of America by Donald Trump.”

Of course, none of it happened. The only thing that happened was that the complete opposite transpired. The economy went gangbusters, to the point that Paul Krugman himself had to admit he was wrong. This is the guy that has written the same article every week of his life about how Republican economic policy is harmful. When he finally comes around, you know something is working. Seriously, if you turned on the weather channel and looked outside simultaneously, how many days of listening to a forecast of rain in the face of sunshine would it take before you turned it off and believed what you saw instead of what you heard?

Far more evil claims of turning America into the next Fascist regime were obviously false and reprehensibly absurd. It’s as if Hitler created the lowest unemployment levels for Jews in German history. But it didn’t stop people from trying to connect the dots of Trump to Nazi; in fact, it was openly encouraged at the highest levels of the media. The Washington Post actually printed this. Comparing the greatness of America – its freedom, its liberty, its acceptance –  to the Holocaust is beyond vile. That alone should have turned people off from leftism. 

But it didn’t. They continued, and continue, believing lies about Trump’s ruination of America. More headlines followed. Once-venerable institutions claimed that Trump was “Destroying Trust in the Media” and the always-angry New York Times said in 2019 recently that “Trump Destroys American Greatness.” No matter what happens to America, it’s President Trump’s fault. And no matter what is actually happening on the streets, the American voting public buys the narrative.

Does anyone see the problem? The left actually wants to destroy America. Indeed, they are actively destroying America right now. Lives are ruined through doxxing of individuals for no good reason. Statues commemorating the greatest people in our history are torn down and burned. The left has said it wants to undermine its values of freedom and liberty. It wants to redistribute wealth on a heretofore unseen scale. It wants to punish whites for past sins that the entire world is guilty of throughout history. (I have stopped holding my breath that the black and global community will just say “thank you, America, for abolishing slavery.”)

To their credit, the left is adroit at playing off fears. Because most normal people want the economy to hum along, they mindlessly absorb headlines about how the untested, arrogant, buffooning candidate Trump would fail miserably. This strategy makes sense. The left is built on emotion and smartly plays to it. Most Americans don’t have time to sift through the piles of fake news, they trust the “old guard” because that’s what their parents did. 

Still, the emphasis on the economy is truly remarkable. That people believe Trump would be the downfall of the free market shows 1) society’s complete ignorance on the nature of leftism and 2) their gullibility to accept anything that paints Trump negatively. This is the same left that has proposed actual economy-eviscerating agendas. The Green New Deal ($10+ trillion), reparations ($14+ trillion), and Medicare For All ($30 trillion) would extinguish any remaining individuality in our country. The fact that their student loan forgiveness program would cost $1.6 trillion seems like a bargain. Incredibly, back in 2018 the publication Vox openly admitted that we should accept a $42 trillion expansion when Democrats get their way. In 2019, the entire federal budget stood at $4.5 trillion.

It isn’t just economics, though. Race has become the most prominent focal point of cultural and political discussions. How is this possible? Just fifty years ago we were on the verge of moving to a colorblind society that no longer saw white or black. That has been the aspiration throughout human history, and we were knocking on the door. Soon each individual would be responsible for themselves and everyone else could respond to their inner traits as opposed to their outer ones. We are moving dangerously backwards.

It didn’t have to be this way. In 2008, we elected our first black president. Unfortunately, Obama made it all about race. At the time, Victor Davis Hansen commented that if “Condoleeza Rice or Colin Powell had been elected president, race would have been incidental rather than essential to their governance.” Fast forward ten years, and now Black Lives Matter has set our country on fire and vilified an entire group of honest, hard-working people. And they said Trump was dividing America.

An honest person needs to self-assess right now. It’s now or never. Is Trump or the left more of a threat to continued American greatness and prosperity? Not one iota of threatening Trump-related premonitions came to pass. Not one. On the other hand, the left is screaming in your face about how awful America and patriotic Americans are. It should be obvious they won’t let a country exist if it’s rotten to the core.

Ironically, they can only get away with screaming about how bad the country is because of how good it actually is. What would happen to Hong Kong protesters if they tried yelling at the Chinese police or tore down a statue of Mao? You know the answer.

Amazingly, people will still vote for Biden in November because Trump is “ruining” the United States. It’s time to wake up, America.

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