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You Actually Believed Trump Would Ruin America?

elite media print fake stories

To the tweet-averse and fence-sitting voters: The left hates America and is on a mission to dismantle all of the mechanisms that are currently in place. The latest message is that everything is built on racism; that means it’s all got to go. However, that isn’t the only reason they exhort us to change. In schools, textbooks offer glorious accountings ...

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A Few Questions About Reparations

BET co-founder Robert Johnson recently renewed calls to implement a program of reparations. Apparently, even waiting for H.R. 40, a House bill that would create an exploratory committee on black reparations, wasn’t the right process. This is a bill that would investigate basic questions of cost, feasibility, and eligibility of a nationwide redistribution of taxpayer money as a form of ...

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