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Just A Bad Dream?

Recently, I had a dream that a terrorist group that pretends to involve itself in matters concerning black lives, had formed in Seattle, Chicago and New York City. Soon thereafter, the New York police force got rid of its undercover officers on the force, while at the same time this reduction of police officers occurred, the murder rate in Manhattan increased two hundred percent. So at the hour of greatest need for the residents on NYC, the police force was reduced in size and effectiveness in order to appease the leftist groups who have been demanding that police officers be assassinated. Whew, glad it was just a bad dream.

Then this continuing dream reported that numerous major corporations in the United States had given millions of dollars in shake-down money to the terrorist black group in hopes of their not destroying these corporations’ offices nor defaming their product line.

As part of the dream, this time in St. Louis, there was something about a couple who had brandished weapons when a group of “protesters” broke through an ornamental gate defending their property and threatened to burn the couple’s house down. Of course, the black district attorney for the county, herself one of the many such elected officials in America whose elections were funded by the anti-American George Soros, is seriously considering prosecuting this innocent couple, while taking no notice at all of the destroyed property and the violent threat to the home’s owners that the terrorist group offered as they approached the couple’s property.

And the mayor of Seattle had a good laugh about mass protesters taking over a large section of her city as an illegal autonomous zone, and referring to this invasion of other peoples’ property as simply the leading act of a “summer of love”. But she suddenly changed her tune and had the police clear the invaders out after they approached her personal property and began threatening her. The “love” ended when the “protesters” invaded the mayor’s personal space.

Then I dreamed that Joe Biden proposed raising everyone’s taxes, thereby potentially killing the strongest market and economic growth period in the nation’s history, and that he will depend on the Socialists AOC and Bernie Sanders for help on his version of the Green New Deal, because he‘s taken up Obama‘s promise to “fundamentally“ transform America, whatever the mentally defective Biden thinks he means with that word.

I also dreamed that Democrats have promised to make all illegal aliens citizens, in one quick action if Biden becomes president, thereby assuring that Republicans will never get elected to anything ever again. So, under plans put together during the Obama administration, every neighborhood will have low-income, government housing established on land provided by the local government in order to provide housing for this tsunami of new Democrat voters, and to provide space for voting booths so they can keep Democrats in office, forever.

But the sad reality is that everything I hoped was a dream was what is actually occurring in this sick, leftist, nightmare environment. If Donald Trump is not re-elected in November our nation will pay the price for decades to come.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. I am glad that this happened near the end of my life. Sooner or later, maybe in November of this year, this nightmare is going to continue. I’d hate to have to live as people will in this country if and when the Democrats get back in power. Life will not be worth living.

  2. @ Ann I am not the least bit glad because I have FAMILY to consider which is why I will NEVER stop fighting. For those of you who are apathetic, I spent my formative years subject to a tyrannical government where only the government and their operatives the Schutzstaffel had guns, and therefore complete control. The years were late 1930’s through 1943 the nation Nazi Germany!!! So I think I have a bit more insight regarding going on now than 99% of those who claim to understand what is transpiring
    The current ANTIFA and BLM climate is exactly how the NAZIS came to power!!

    Since I have this intimate knowledge I can attest that the Democrat Party’s Modus Operandi is eerily similar in nature to the Germany I vividly remember decades past. Unfortunately what I am witnessing here in America at the hands of the Socialistic Democratic left, is virtually the same I experienced in Nazi Germany seven plus decades ago!!!

    Because the globalist elite have seized control of the media and education systems, our children are property of the state and are indoctrinated to accept what the globalists force upon them, again like it was in Nazi Germany.

    As a result, morals in America are in complete decay. Ethics in America are in decay. Personal responsibility in America has been eliminated leading to the Subjugation of the American people. The main objective of the globalist elite is that we will become slaves of the global elite because we as a people have been conditioned via political correctness to no longer interested in or be bothered to fight for our way of life.

  3. Wow! Geez, Dave. I had the same exact nightmare! Erie…

    I had another dream. One of hope and ultimatum. You cannot tell a lie except that there is truth to tell it about. The Truth TRUMPS lies – every time. Sooner or later. There has never been a time like this nor shall there ever be one again. Except these days are shortened their will be no one left alive. If there is no human voice to praise the God of Heaven the very rocks will cry out his Name.

    “If My people will hear My voice, turn from their evil ways and call on My Name, then I will hear them and heal their land”.

    We were once a Christian Nation. We have been HATED – Like Daniel when King Darius came into power over Babylon. When favored by the new King, Daniel was hated by the rest of the judges. They devised the law against him whereupon the King was forced to destroy him. But with certain death at the jaws of starving lions Daniel’s God shut the lion’s mouths and he slept peacefully in the face of certain death – probably warm and comfortably against an lion’s belly or mane.

    So this is the dream I have; millions of Americans, the Cedar Trees of Lebanon made one with the Olive Trees of Israel and their Astonishing Victory over the destroyers of Truth – because they truly repented and turned to their King. The Great White Charge upon which VICYORY, The SON Of MAN, returns to set up His Government IS the faith of those and million’s of other saints around the World. How else could this extraordinary event occur except in the face of unimaginable trauma?

    Think it’s just a fairy tale – a fable? Okay. All that you see testifies that it is coming and now you bear the
    the knowledge. One day that shall be your judge to which you will have no choice but to bow your knee.

  4. Ann….I understand……It hurst to see a life’s work be destroyed and history that made us great disappear.
    However, I’m a tad more optomistic and see Americans winning in Novemeber over the would bezzies. PRAYER has it rewards.

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