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Seattle Has Fallen: City Leaders Surrender to AntiFa, BLM

Just a day after Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan forced the city police to surrender the East Precinct police station to Antifa, City Councilwoman Kshama Sawant unlocked City Hall so that the domestic terrorists could take that as well and now, the city’s leadership has allowed the group of militant miscreants to keep a 6-block area near the East Precinct station as their own.

Early on June 9th, Durkan ordered the police to surrender the station to rioters.

And early Wednesday, Sawant unlocked City Hall for the group.

And later on Wednesday, Antifa and closely associated Black Lives Matter took over an entire section of Seattle, named it the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ?), and started to organize an armed defense of the surrounding barricades – a stunning reversal to the left’s usual anti-gun, anti-border wall stances.

Sawant, a vehement anti-capitalist, has spoken out against city police using crowd control tactics like mace and tear gas on rioters.

“The police have inflicted tear gas, mace, rubber bullets, flash-bang grenades, curfews, arrests and other repressive tactics on Seattle activists and residents — including children — in an attempt to bully and silence the protest movement,” she said.

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Rich Mitchell

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  1. How humiliating!! I have always known Seattle was about as far to the Left as you can go, but to surrender willingly to something like Antifa is something many would find to be insulting to the nation, let alone the state of Washington. The dark pit of iniquity is closing around these corrupt leaders that would allow this to happen.

    Normal people should fend for themselves, because they cannot count on their elected officials to protect them or their property from criminals.

  2. If this isn’t true you’re being sued. This isn’t War of the Worlds and you don’t just get to play games with the citizens of the United States. These are very serious times and anyone reading this that bleeds Red, White and Blue is stockpiling weapons and headed to Seattle to confront tyranny and terrorists.

  3. Citizens should stop paying their taxes immediately. Get out of town ASAP after that.
    Seattle will be the shinning example of what the left has in store fo the rest of us

    1. What about States that border Seattle and Washington? Do Idaho and Montana deserve to be next on the Antifa agenda? What about Canada, is it next?

  4. I really do hope that *WE THE PEOPLE* stand up & do something about this Fascist crap! Enough is enough-send in our troops & take them out by any means at all. If they surrender, all the better, If not-toe tags & body bags. TAKE BACK THE STREETS! And take back the buildings these TERRORISTS have taken over. We are losing our country every day that passes. Time to lock & load people.

  5. The New Democrat Slogan, No Law and No Order!

    This will happen across the US, if Biden and more Democrats are elected!

    Trump is the only one who will stand up to the BLM and ANTIFA, Twisted Trash!

    1. I fear this Country can’t afford to wait until November 3rd to stop this childish nonsense.

  6. These elected cities officials have breached their Oath of Office and should be removed by the State.
    If the Governors do not address this rebellion in the next few days they also will have breached their Oath of Office and be in Rebellion.

    If States and Local government are in Open Rebellion then you have either Internal or External forces planning Anarchy and present an Extreme Physical Danger to citizens and Neighboring Non-Rebellious states.

    As we have read the BLM & ANTI-FA are now Internationally Protesting, Rioting, Looting and Attacking other countries that oppose Russia, Red China and/or the Liberal Socialist Agenda.

    Does it seem to you we are looking at an Internationally funded Rebellion, design to cripple Nations that follow a doctrine of Citizens Rights over Government Authority?

    The process on how Rebellion, Subversion and Civil War is handled in the USA is clear and historically documented. But is that what these Anti-US groups want just before and election?

    1. If someone doesn’t say NO, loudly and quickly, this cancer will metastasize to the rest of Our Country and – POOF – there goes the Republic.

  7. Questions:
    Does it seem to you we are looking at an Internationally funded Rebellion, design to cripple Nations that follow a doctrine of Citizens Rights over Government Authority?

    George Soros MO

    How long will it take Seattle to open their eyes and see that they’re not the only city in trouble? They need to take the bull by the horns and get this “take-over” under control before it gets unmanageable and begins to be repeated in other places. Get new leaders as soon as possible, those in office are either too afraid or too stupid to do the right thing right now. And there doesn’t seem to be a lot of time to get it done.

  8. Frankfurt School ,Critical Theory And Antonio Gramsci win….. we all lose. This has been in the making since Columbia University moved and unleashed the Frankfurt School into New York and embraced its critical theory strategy. Strap in , this is warm ups.

  9. Seattle backs down to Antifa and gives up the city. No big news, Seattle would cave in to Big Bird, or Bert and Ernie. Worthless political hacks who could not defend one square foot of the city, never mind a block of the city. A shame as it is or was a beautiful city, destroyed by liberalism.

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