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Breaking: First U.S. Death From Coronavirus Reported

Health officials in King County, Washington, have confirmed two new Novel Coronavirus cases, one of which resulted in death. King includes the city of Seattle. This is the first reported death from the virus in the United States. The White House has called a press conference to discuss the most recent developments on coronavirus. As of today, there have been ...

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Washington Withdraws From Title X Rather Than Comply With Trump Abortion Rules

Washington state withdrew Thursday from the federal family funding program Title X rather than comply with new rules imposed by the Trump administration. The Washington Department of Health informed the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) of their decision to withdraw from Title X rather than comply with the Trump administration rules banning Title X grantees from referring women ...

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Rep Dan Crenshaw: In China, Protesters Wave American Flags. In America, Antifa Burns Them

Texas Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw said American “antifascists” demand violence while Hong Kong antifascists are “actually fighting fascists” in a Saturday tweet. “In Hong Kong, antifascists wave American flags, demand freedom and actually fight fascists,” he wrote. “In Portland, ‘antifascists’ burn American flags, demand violence in the name of socialism. Portland is a sad showing of where we are today. ...

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Twitter Users Defend Willem Van Spronsen After He Attacked Detention Facility, Died In Shootout With Police

sad twitter

A number of Twitter users defended a man who attacked a Washington ICE detention facility Saturday after it was revealed he belonged to anti-fascist group Antifa. Willem Van Spronsen, 69, died in a shootout with the police following his attack. No law enforcement officers were injured and only a car was set on fire. A number of Twitter users are ...

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Measles Epidemic So Bad Washington Asking Federal Government To Get Involved

Washington state’s health secretary called for a national education campaign Monday in reaction to a measles epidemic that has viciously spread throughout the Pacific Northeast. Health secretary John Wiesman asked the federal government to initiate an education campaign to combat what he and medical experts allege is the spread of harmful false information emitted by a small but powerful group ...

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Socialists, Big Labor Behind ‘Head Tax’ That Punishes Seattle Businesses For Hiring

  by The Seattle city council voted unanimously Monday to tax the city’s largest employers $275 per employee in order to provide housing and healthcare for a growing homeless population. The council reached the decision after a weekend of haggling between council members and Mayor Jenny Durkan, who threatened to veto the originally proposed $500 tax per employee. The tax applies to ...

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Trump to hold rally same night as White House Correspondents Dinner – Info and Tickets

President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign team announced Tuesday that he will hold a rally in Washington, Michigan on the same night and at the same time as reporters gather for their celebration. “While the fake news media will be celebrating themselves with the denizens of Washington society in the swamp that evening, President Trump will be in a completely different ...

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Seattle’s Gun Tax Fails Again

Seattle Gun Voilence Tax

Seattle’s “gun violence tax” revenue has once again failed to meet predictions, demonstrating once again that this was really a thinly disguised gun control scheme that was sold to the public as an effort to reduce so-called “gun violence,” the Second Amendment Foundation said today. Figures released by the city under a Public Records Act request by the senior editor ...

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Feds: Speed a factor in deadly Amtrak derailment; 3 dead, more than 100 hurt

Amtrak crash Pierce County Washington 12-18-17 - full train aerial

The high-speed Amtrak train that derailed on Monday near Olympia, Washington was going 81.1 mph just moments before it took a curve rated for only 30 mph, according to Federal investigators. JUST IN: Federal investigators say the Amtrak train that derailed south of Seattle was traveling at 80 mph in a 30 mph zone. pic.twitter.com/eD9yNcwwF5 — FOX 29 (@FOX29philly) December ...

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Amtrak Train Derailment Update: 77 injured, 4 seriously, multiple fatalities

Amtrak crash Pierce County Washington 12-18-17

77 injured, 3 dead 13 of 14 train cars jumped the tracks 5 motor vehicles and two semi-trucks were struck by the derailed train First time this route was run with passengers onboard A high-speed Amtrak train has derailed in Pierce County, Washington where a massive emergency response is ongoing. (This is a breaking story and will be updated as ...

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SHOTS FIRED: Woman Drives Vehicle Into Police Car and Tries to Run Over Officers Near House Office Building

driver near house offices

A woman drove a vehicle into multiple vehicles including a police cruiser then threatened to run over police officers near the Rayburn building that holds U.S. House of Representatives’ offices. The scene outside the Capitol on Independence Ave … staff told to avoid the area pic.twitter.com/CFakr75ZRS — Alex Moe (@AlexNBCNews) March 29, 2017 According to a Capitol Hill spokeswoman, police ...

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