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Conservatism Good, Democrat Leftism Bad, But Why Is The Difference Ignored?

It seems that everyone, from multi-millionaires, to Hollywood elites, to Mitt Romney, buckle under to attacks from groups like Black Lives Matter, and the future of our nation is bleak if BLM’s brown shirt tactics determine how business and government are conducted in America.

Any family that isn’t buried in credit card debt probably runs their finances and their personal behavior in a conservative manner, even if they claim to be Democrats in regards to their politics. They are responsible, honest and patriotic people just trying to get the most of life and to raise their families to do more of the same with their lives.

With all of the evidence we have from history, and all of the common sense knowledge we have available after dealing with the murderous evils of Communism and Nazism in the 20th Century, how can people not realize the danger Americans face if the SDS, the Weather Underground, ANTIFA, Occupy Wall Street and/or Black Lives Matter take control of our government, which appears to be the plan at the moment as we move backwards in history. If any of these radical, violent groups obtained any real power, our constitution, our liberties and our economy would disappear in a millisecond.

Has American education become so shoddy that the dangers we face by allowing violent radicals to demand and receive financial and legal rewards is unrecognized for the corruption it is, and that we can move in the direction of racial politics and not have any patriotic pushback against these totalitarian thugs?

Why do people fear expressing their opinions by defending conservatives from the leftist attacks they receive every day? Because we know the radical left depends on violence, beatings and burning to intimidate peaceful people of good will, and still, too many people remain silent as the threats and the anti-social actions occur.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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