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Unconstitutional Healthcare Rules Again Threaten America’s Liberty And Prosperity

When President Barack Obama promised to “fundamentally transform America”, one of the main tools used to achieve that end, along with the loss of our liberties and our constitution, was the misleadingly named Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare.

The ACA, forced on Americans by Democrats, provided packaged coverage that many people didn’t need and couldn’t afford, and was introduced as a foundation on which a single-payer, Socialistic, nationalized healthcare system could be built. From this foundation the American left hoped to be able to control and direct American citizens’ choices in health, food and personal activities, so they would do what the government told them to do, or else they would lose all of their healthcare coverage.

Then along came the coronavirus and the political left, never a group to allow a perfectly good national crisis to go to waste, convinced the nation to accept the notion of a national shutdown, for the citizen’s own good, of course. Leftist governors and mayors gleefully made everyone stop working, shut down privately-owned companies, closed public parks, closed beaches, closed churches, forced everyone to wear masks, and forbade protests as we were unconstitutionally forced to do these things, even as we saw the loss of our businesses or our homes threatened because of a lack of money to pay bills.

With the election of Donald Trump to the White House the nation was able to get rid of the most obscene part of Obama’s ACA, the part that made the purchase of this Nazi plan mandatory. But now that the virus has allowed many Democrat governors and mayors to issue their own rules, that they are forcing the nation to abide by, the constitution-hating left has found a way to bring America to its knees, impoverish the middle class, deny healthcare to millions of people as the coronavirus monopolized healthcare facilities across the nation, to the exclusion of all illnesses not being the virus-of-the-day, thereby destroying the economic system and the healthcare system that were the envy of the world.

With the realization that the national shutdown could be used to hurt President Trump in the 2020 election, Obama’s “fundamental transformation of America” may have finally arrived, as Democrats and never-Trumpers keep the pain applied and the strangulation in place. If anyone thinks that this lesson, dropped from heaven into the paws of the American left, will not be pushed to the maximum harm of the American public and will not be repeated during future cold and flu seasons and the sicknesses that accompany them, then you don’t understand the evil of the political left.

And just to be sure that there is no misunderstanding, the shutdown orders issued by President Trump were the result of his dependence on the advice of medical minds that were already present in the CDC, the NIH, and the FDA, each of which department had highly experienced and respected doctors and researchers whose advice he properly respected, so he took their advice to perform the shutdown, fully knowing the harm it would do to the economic boom he had built in three short years, but sincerely believing that it was the correct decision for the good of the nation.

The problem arose when these advisors predicted multiple-times more deaths than actually occurred; they predicted overflowing hospitals that would sap our health resources, most of which did not happen; and then they were unable to admit that they were wrong with their dire forecasts, so they doubled down and pushed for a longer shutdown interval and a slower recovery as businesses finally opened back up, all of which made the bad situation only worse.

I don’t blame President Trump for anything that’s happened, but in the future, I hope he and every future president realizes that they should take the disease and pandemic predictions made by the medical people into consideration, but also rely more heavily on the damage done to America and our entire way of life if the economy is weakened by the medical advice, and come down on the side of making certain our economy remains intact and strong.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Dave, you make some very creditable trending theories that are well situated in what we ‘do’ know, but in what we ‘don’t’ know as well.
    We ‘know’ Obama’s intent for transformation, we ‘know’ the Socialist Democrats grab every crisis to further move us towards a Socialist agenda……and We ‘Know” President Trump has heeded the combined advise of “?experts”
    We ‘know’ this virus is extremely contagious and spreads easily at warp speed through communities and the advised or suggested social restrictions are old fashioned common sense. As was closing of Borders.

    Yes, many of the Governors have over flexed their muscles….Has it been out of genuine concern for the citizens ? Perhaps it’s out of sheer fear? show of their personal power? or is it to further the Obama agenda?….multi choices that all or none might apply.

    We do ‘not know” and only speculate the involvement of Faci & Birk et al. other than they were associated with the Obama Administration and it may ‘seem’ likely, it doesn’t diminish their qualifications. We’ve heard Faci say numerous times that the President always take his advise. So while likely, it’s not concluded.

    The limits of this VIRUS ARE UNKNOWN….Individual common sense is out best weapon, even if it’s rusty. Caution and concern for others should prevail. In districts heavily infected there should be more restrictions than where it is sparse….Social distancinf and mask are not unreasonable.

    PUBLIC ENDANGERMENT is not restricted to driving under influence…. Presidents & Governors have a sworn duty to “protect” the citizens….is this UN-Constitutional ??

    OK, let’s breakdown to basic rights….I have a right to have a cat…do I have the right to allow it to roam and scratch the paint on your new car?

    Balance is the key

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