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Now The Leftist Geniuses Have Developed A New Virus “Model”

If you will recall the “models” that our smart-set Democrats developed which were intended to justify their lying claim of a global warming tragedy coming to a nation near you in less than ten years; and if you recall that their model for the coronavirus was that it was the most deadly disease ever to hit the earth and would result in millions of American deaths, you will understand why leftists always get everything, not just wrong, but criminally and intentionally, wrong.

The temperature last summer was the same as all of the previous summers of my life, with no increase in the hottest days, and the coronavirus has killed only a fraction of the predicted deaths they said would accompany the Wuhan flu. But President Trump’s CDC advisors convinced him to destroy our economy by locking down nearly everything, and he took what he thought was good-faith advice in order to protect the nation. But I don’t think their advice was anywhere near good-faith; I think it was all political lies they fed the president.

Nevertheless, we are asked to accept the leftist lie of global warming, and we were convinced that locking down all industry and commanding many peoples’ personal lives to captivity, plus being continuously protected with masks and gloves, would be the only way we could save our nation from certain death and the end of our society altogether.

So, understanding all of that, it’s refreshing to learn that these same fools, who caused the impoverishment of millions of Americans with their lockdown, are now, based on a new and improved “model”, predicting a resurgence of the Wuhan death virus this coming cold and flu season, and on into next year. This prediction, of course, requires us to stay inside and wear these ridiculous masks and gloves everywhere we go, and it forces businesses to further hurt their profitability by serving fewer customers and taking expensive measures to protect the public from the virus while in their establishments, and these actions are taken for the lamest, lease deadly virus we’ve ever seen, which is survived by ninety-nine percent of the people who contract it.

I say throw the bums and their models out and let’s get back to living well and prosperously once again, and regaining the personal liberty that Democrats have taken from us.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. In 1990 the Club of Rome (an exclusive – secret – organization of Communist, Leftist, Socialists) looked around for a new “State of Crisis” with which to manipulate the world into slavery. The Cold War was over. (The Cold war could have been won in the 1950s by simply not supporting the Communist States with money and technology. Our government chose the Communist Chinese instead of the Nationalist Chinese in 1949!!! Think about that.) So, without a global crisis what were they, the Commie Club made up of leftist from all over the world, going to do to enslave mankind?

    Global Warming, of course. (It was global cooling before that.) The “brilliance” of this particular LIE was that it made us common, ordinary, stupid folk the bad guys. The human race needed to be made to hate itself so that anything They, the Natural Superiors, did to us, well, it was our own fault! Not to mention THEY get to be GOD, our savior, who alone and exclusively know how to save the Human Race!

    But the problem was that of time. All of their lofty predictions – 100% of them – HAVE FAILED to come to pass and, in fact, for the last couple of decades the mean temperature has not even changed. Ocean levels haven’t risen and Banks still finance ocean front property in Florida! Oh Yikes! as it were…

    So with the failing of the last big LIE they’ve got to come up with something new because 2030 and the Agenda 21 Schedule is coming up pretty fast. What ever is a Natural Superior to do?

    Why, the New Crisis of man hating mankind – Global Pandemic – of course! These man-god savior-monarchs-without-countries are DESPERATE! The Bible says they will be desperate and make war on us because THEIR TIME IS SHORT!!

    They have the power to overcome the saints who live in the Earth and the Sea. But the Voice of heaven says Come up here to the realm of Heaven because those who dwell in Heaven (focus on the Spirit) are rejoicing at the coming Kingdom of Heaven!

    If you live in the material world – the earth – you are at war. If you live on facebook and politics and emotionalism you live in the sea. The Dragon is at war with you; NOW!!! But he cannot enter Heaven. The Good Commander of an army seeks to fight His opponent on the ground of His own choosing. So do it!

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