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Badge of Dishonor – Ben Garrison Cartoon

RIP Mr. Floyd

Americans witnessed a murder in Minneapolis. For several minutes, a policeman had his knee on the neck of a man which cut off his airway.  Mr. Floyd told the officer he couldn’t breath, but that didn’t matter. Floyd was accused of a non-violent crime. He was in handcuffs. He was not resisting. There was no reason for the cop to press his knee into the man’s neck on hard pavement. The other policemen present did try to stop it. George Floyd died without due process or mercy.

Not everyone is cut out to be a policeman. It takes a person with a high tolerance for risk and excitement. It also requires knowledge of right and wrong. In this case, the cop was a sadist. He had to have been taught proper procedure at the police academy, but apparently they can’t teach human decency. They shouldn’t have to.

Ben Garrison

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One comment

  1. Up front ….I have not watched the video.
    I support defend my LEO’s and 1st responders… But in this case it is clear,
    this arrest process is being universally condemn by all sides.
    It is scary when even Rush, Sean, Glenn, MS-NBC, CNN and the others are in agreement.

    Now to the other part which should also be universally condemn.
    The RIOTING, LOOTING and Killing of other persons resulting from it.

    I understand a Target store was looted first and burned down…
    WHY? How did Target play a role in this?

    I understand 100’s of local stores were looted and destroyed …
    WHY? what role did they play in this?

    I understand a handful of store owners shot or even killed a few looters.

    I understand 100’s innocent persons have been physically assaulted and beat to the ground.

    I understand the looters, Local, the usual professional protesters and local protesters attacked Firemen and Emergency medical personnel and etc…

    So I feel those protesting the incident have LOST the Moral High Ground.
    Because this incident was NEVER swept under the rug, it was not played out or played down.
    Those Police Officers involved were immediately discharged, charged and arrested.

    The legal system was quickly addressing the crime,

    Greed, Political Emotional and Racial incitement are the only things that come to mind.

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