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Trump’s Fauci-Birx Medical Advice Team Rewrite Medical Procedures

We’ve been told by President Trump’s medical advice team, who are dealing with the coronavirus, that it may be another 6 to 18 months before the shelter-in-place order that is destroying our nation’s economy and keeping all of us in a state of economic lockdown, can be lifted, and the lifting depends on finding a vaccine for the virus that can be used to immunize all Americans. All of this pain and national suffering is for a disease that ninety-eight percent of all victims survive and live normal lives thereafter. This seems to be a complete rewrite of longstanding medical logic and procedure.

  • Is the advice of these people in keeping with standard advice given in similar circumstances in the past?
  • Have doctors advised a complete national lockdown to treat the common cold, which kills may people annually? No.
  • Have doctors advised locking down the nation to prevent flu contagion, which in the past has been a deadly disease? No.
  • Did doctors ever advise locking down the nation to prevent Polio contraction? No.
  • Have doctors advised a national shutdown in order to fight cancer? No.

It’s a shame when the smartest people in the nation make really dumb decisions and then force the nation to suffer as a result, but that’s what has happened with the Fauci-Birx team. And one can only wonder if politics plays perhaps a small role in their advice.

With an election coming in November, it would help the Democrat candidate for president win the election if the stock market was in the tank, which it is; and if businesses were failing left and right, which they are; and if the jobless rate were not the highest in history, which it is; and if personal investments and 401Ks were not causing shock throughout the nation, which they are.

In the past, doctors quarantined those who were sick to prevent them from spreading the illness, but today we are locking up the entire nation, healthy or not, to prevent the spread from carriers of the disease. And on top of that disturbing fact, if someone dies of a heart attack while being tested positive for the coronavirus, the death is officially listed as being the sole fault of the virus, not the bad heart, which skews medical record-keeping and arrives at a false conclusion.

I have my doubts that this team is giving President Trump the best advice possible on this subject, and I can be certain that their advice is contrary to the welfare of America‘s citizens.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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