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Stop The American Shutdown, Now

President Trump’s presidency, and our economy, along with liberty and the prosperity of the citizens of the United Stares, are being destroyed by the misguided, if well-intentioned, national shutdown.

I would much prefer to risk infection by the virus to sitting by and watching the ruination of our great nation. And on top of this destruction, the Democrats are already preparing another multi-trillion dollar “stimulus bill” in addition to the one just passed, that will only add to the national debt and would allow them to fund their ultra-left Green New Deal foolishness that will end freedom and prosperity in America forever, if these fool Democrats are allowed to move forward with their ridiculous legislation.

President Trump must issue an order allowing all doctors the freedom to prescribe hydroxychloroquine for patients they feel can benefit from this drug, which has already been proven effective and beneficial, because it‘s been learned that the Democrat governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer, has forbidden doctors in her state to prescribe hydroxychloroquine. Of course the only reason she has issued this prohibition on a known effective drug is that President Trump has spoken favorably of its usefulness, and Democrats will idiotically oppose anything and everything Trump says, even if his opinion can save lives. Democrat politicians, like the above-mentioned Michigan governor, seem to have corruptly bought into the Obama administration’s cynical ideal of “never letting a crisis go to waste”, and they’re using this crisis to attack Trump, while also ignoring the suffering and economic loss of American citizens.

We must use hydroxychloroquine immediately, because the CDC will take too long to develop, test and approve any new drug, and they seem to be dragging their feet on even using this already-proven drug, that has been used effectively for years, as a fix for coronavirus. I’m tired of doctors stating that it will be September, at the earliest, before a new drug can be developed. Don’t we have a “right to try” policy, put in place at Trump’s initiative?

Let’s get moving on testing for symptoms of the virus, treat those who have symptoms using drugs we already have, and let’s get America working again.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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