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Libs Argue That Trump Killed People, But More Lives Are Lost When The Economy Is Destroyed By Democrat Governors

Democrats are lamely arguing that President Trump reacted to the coronavirus too slowly, thus causing more deaths from the virus. But, aside from the fact that President Trump blocked all incoming flights from China when numerous Democrat leaders said that there was no threat from the disease, along with Trump being a racist for halting the flights from China; and aside from the fact that Nancy Pelosi was encouraging Californians to visit Chinatown and have a nice Chinese meal there while the disease was building strength; and aside from the fact that the result of the disease is not much greater than a normal cold-flu season, the greatest threat to life in America is the destruction of the economy that the Democrat governors are causing with their reluctance to allow their citizens to return to work promptly. More people die from poverty each year, through malnutrition, drug use and suicide resulting from financial woes, than from a bad case of the flu, which is all the virus is.

The longer Americans are kept from earning a living and supporting their families by the anti-Trump Democrat governors, who are keeping their stay-at-home orders in effect until who knows when, the longer the negative effects of being jobless continue. Using up all of one’s savings, and the constant knowledge on the part of the younger generation that their futures are being limited by the intentional hobbling of the American economy, this shutdown is enough to destroy many lives. Diseases kill quickly, but a bad economy can kill slowly for generations as the destitution continues.

Of course, people like New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, he of the pounded-upon desk and the demand that Trump give him 40,000 ventilators immediately, has used very few of the ventilators he was given by the president and is, in fact, giving hundreds of the machines he received from the federal government to the states of Michigan and Maryland, because he never actually needed them in the first place. He just wanted to raise a life-and-death issue to use against President Trump. And of course, this “gift” of his to the other states is without recognition that President Trump pushed many buttons and rang many chimes to get them manufactured quickly and sent to Albany.

But who expects a Democrat to behave like a normal, considerate person, and thank someone of the opposite party for any help they provided at a time of emergency? In fact, Gov. Cuomo is now taking advantage of the crisis to push the leftist screed of a new series of post-corona political issues: a new normal in public health, a new normal in environmental issues, a new normal in the economy, a new normal in civil rights and a new normal in social justice. Democrats will bring race, class and their hate of Trump, laws and of the constitution into every aspect of their duties. And as the Governor of New Jersey said last Wednesday night when Tucker Carlson challenged him about ignoring the constitution when he closed down the beach and all city parks from New Jersey citizens: that’s beyond his grade level, and he never thought of constitutional rights when he made that decision. The damned Democrat tyrant had better start thinking about the constitution because our leaders are supposed to swear allegiance to it and not to Karl Marx’s idea of an ideal society based on Communism.

Democrats never think of the constitution when they step on citizens’ rights. All they think about is power and controlling peoples’ lives, which is all Democrats are interested in, aside from putting President Trump in a bad light and hopefully hurting his chances of being re-elected in November.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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