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Is Coronavirus No Worse than Seasonal Flu, but Being Amplified to Make Trump Look Bad?


Each year thousands of people come down with and many die with the regular flu and every year it grows more powerful. Under Obama in 2009 with the Swine flu 60 million Americans came down with it, 274,304 were hospitalized and 17,469 died from it yet you barely heard a glimmer from the media about it as they all drew the wagons around Obama to protect him.

Under trump so far, the United States has had 466,396 confirmed coronavirus cases with 16,686 deaths as of Friday, including 5,150 in New York City.

The percentage-rate climb in the number of confirmed coronavirus cases among humans has been slowing down. It is now below 11%; It was about 13% a couple of weeks or so ago. If even the CDC is posting those numbers, the curve is indeed flattening and will soon collapse now that nearly everyone is either an asymptomatic carrier, already immune or is devoid of the disease.

The death toll is inflated due to the practice of altering death certificates to declare coronavirus as the cause of death when the real cause was something else. Dying with an ailment is not the same as dying of an ailment.

The Washington Post ran a headline saying Trump inflated the number of deaths from the coronavirus so he would look better when they came down. That is not true. Trump just reacts to what his staff is telling him from their research which in this case would be the Corona Virus staff featuring  Dr. Tony Fauci.

A video with  Rand Paul let us know that Bill Gates donated a huge amount of money to WHO, the organization that declared coronavirus a pandemic.

Gates has much to gain from that.  Gates’ obsession with vaccines seems to be fueled by a conviction to save the world with technology.


In 2010, Gates committed $10 billion to the WHO saying, “We must make this the decade of vaccines.” A month later, Gates said in a Ted Talk that new vaccines, health care and reproductive services could reduce the rate of population growth by 10-15%. In 2014, Kenya’s Catholic Doctors Association accused the WHO of chemically sterilizing millions of unwilling Kenyan women with a “tetanus” vaccine campaign. Independent labs found trace levels of beta-HCG in the tetanus vaccines, but the testing methods have been called into question.

Global public health advocates around the world accuse Gates of steering WHO’s agenda away from the projects that are proven to curb infectious diseases: clean water, hygiene, nutrition, and economic development. The Gates Foundation only spends about $650 million of its $5 billion dollar budget on these areas.  They say he has diverted agency resources to serve his personal philosophy that good health only comes in a syringe.

In addition to using his philanthropy to control WHO, UNICEF, GAVI, and PATH, Gates funds a private pharmaceutical company that manufactures vaccines, and additionally is donating $50 million to 12 pharmaceutical companies to speed up development of a coronavirus vaccine. In his recent media appearances, Gates appears confident that the Covid-19 crisis will now give him the opportunity to force his dictatorial vaccine programs on American children.

Of course, you were unlikely to hear about the actions of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation around the world. That’s because they involved Indian and African children and the mainstream media turned a blind eye, preferring to present Gates as a philanthropist and liberal icon.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has a message for Microsoft founder Bill Gates and his plans to “save the world.” According to Kennedy Jr., Gates couldn’t even save his Windows operating systems from viruses, so he should “sit down” when it comes to the coronavirus.


He is part of the Globalist One World Govt. where small group of rich elites, ie the Clintons through their global foundation, George Soros, Gates, Dr. Fauci, etc. influence the whole world.  One way is a mandatory global vaccine using tech’s (Gates) nanotechnology.  That’s why Dr. Fauci fought Trump against using hydroxychloroquine which is a safe drug used over 40 years and found to be very effective against corona 19. I think Trump is on to Fauci and hired him when there was this sudden looming panic of a world pandemic, and he quickly needed someone experienced.  He probably found out later about him and Hillary’s friendship and his Globalist agenda and why Fauci gave us misleading info at first that corona is not something to worry about so that situation gets worse, making Trump look bad. Fauci is no doubt being paid big bucks for all this deceit. And he is their most knowledgeable person!

Trump has done everything he could do, to mitigate the effect of virus.  The chart’s numbers, and large number of empty hospital beds show it.  It was a huge fail by Dr. Fauci, who proclaimed we would lose 2.2 million people.  Now he’s slowly walking that back.

Fauci said on Wednesday that the real death numbers in the states are likely to be much lower than projected, citing the success of widespread social distancing measures, according to The Hill.

Fauci said during a Fox News interview on Wednesday that “although one of the original models projected 100- to 200,000 deaths, as we’re getting more data and seeing the positive effect of mitigation, those numbers are going to be downgraded.”

“I don’t know exactly what the numbers are going to be, but right now it looks like it’s going to be less than the original projection,” he remarked.

Fauci’s announcement about the overestimation of the coronavirus deaths casts doubts about many of the assumptions made during the early days of the pandemic.

Does it seem like the media would prefer for Americans to die of COVID-19 than for President Trump to be correct about hydroxychloroquine?  The President has expressed hope for the anti-malaria drug over the last several weeks based on lots of anecdotal evidence — from both American doctors AND healthcare experts around the world. But instead, the media accuses him of presenting “unproven medical advice,” as if he’s encouraging all citizens to start popping these pills. Their attitude towards President Trump is not just un-American…it’s despicable.

Last Monday Dr. Anthony Fauci said that U.S. health officials were preparing to roll out blood tests approved by the Food and Drug Administration that will identify Americans who have been exposed to the coronavirus and may harbor immunity. With that data, he said, the government could in theory issue certificates of immunity to help hasten the re-opening of normal life.

Fauci, the leading expert on infectious diseases on President Trump’s coronavirus task force, said in an interview with CNN that a “large number” antibody tests approved last week by the FDA would be available “within a period of a week.”

Unlike the swab tests used to diagnose whether a person is currently infected, antibody tests reveal the presence of immune proteins in the blood signifying a past infection — even one that caused no symptoms — that can protect against the disease in the future. They can also be harvested as a treatment for patients suffering from COVID-19, the disease caused by coronavirus. But many questions remain unanswered about the degree and longevity of coronavirus immunity.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, revealed Friday the federal government is considering issuing Americans certificates of immunity from the coronavirus, as the Trump administration works to better identify those who have been infected and restart the U.S. economy in the coming weeks.

“You know, that’s possible,” Fauci told CNN’s “New Day,” when asked whether he could imagine a time when people across the country carry such forms of identification.

“I mean, it’s one of those things that we talk about when we want to make sure that we know who the vulnerable people are and not,” he said. “This is something that’s being discussed. I think it might actually have some merit, under certain circumstances.”

So police and government officials can stop us wherever we go and demand to see our papers? A national ID card, no way! There was talk of that under Clinton too.

Here is more proof that the coronavirus pandemic is not nearly all that it is cracked up to be. We are constantly being bombarded with hysterical talk about coronavirus being “highly contagious”. There are families where some family members have it and others do not. The USS Theodore Roosevelt is a huge aircraft carrier with a crew of about 5,000. 416 members of the crew have contracted coronavirus, just over 8%. If corona was highly contagious, or even moderately contagious, the percentage of crew members with the ailment would be much higher, in the 25%-100% range. Sailors on a ship live in dangerously close proximity to one another, and there is no practical means of escape from a ship in open waters. Any genuinely contagious illness will move rapidly through the crew.

Minnesota Senator and Doctor Scott Jensen was interviewed by Fox News host Laura Ingraham telling her that the number of coronavirus deaths is inaccurate and inflated.

Jensen said in an interview with Valley News Live“I know that I’ve talked with nursing staff who have been involved with people who have passed away that either had living wills or were on hospice care and in some of those situations, I’ve been led to believe that there may have been a COVID-19 diagnosis included on the death certificate document without having had a COVID-19 confirmed laboratory test.”

Dr. Jensen discounts comments from Dr. Fauci who calls the theory of inflated deaths a conspiracy:

Dr. Scott Jensen said on Fox that he would never list COVID-19 as the cause of death for a patient, the same way he wouldn’t list influenza and that doctors who do so are doing it for “convenience.”

Is this for money, or is this there a concerted effort to inflate numbers for political reasons?

“Well, fear is a great way to control people,”  said Dr. Scott Jensen.

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Jim Clayton

I am a retired former newspaper reporter and retail sales person. I'm a politically conservative easy going person from New Jersey. I am married to a wonderful wife and like talking and writing about movies,, concerts I attend and current events all which I write about here. I would enjoy hearing from anyone on my articles and they can write to me here.

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  1. Thank you for the article Mr. Clayton.

    Of all the problems associated with the CCP or China Virus, following the scientific or medical community should be the greatest concern. That along with the government’s (except Sweden) new “experiment” of ‘social distancing’ as a way to control The People should alarm everyone (as unfortunately, fear is the best way to get the sheep in line).

    Social distancing is a completely unproven tack for any virus or biologic epidemic and though on the surface it appears to make sense, in reality unless the ‘quarantine’ is 100% across all groups, there can be absolutely no validity in the data. Sweden’s current model proves this (Sweden has not implemented any “rules” against it’s citizens or forced anyone to remain at home, yet statistically at this moment is no worse than any other country and in most cases better).

    The scientific or medical community has never been right (sort of like government) about most anything…i.e.; number of planets in our small solar system, blood letting (from just a couple hundred years ago), etc. so common sense should dictate, they know absolutely nothing about the effects of “social distancing” since it has never truly been done on this level and at this time period in society.

    What is most troubling about “social distancing” is that if the spread and mortality rate of the disease is lower than originally forecast (by those same ‘scientists’), they will proclaim “success” and the new model for “We The Sheep” will be to order us into isolation every time the government sees fit to do so.

    Mr. Clayton, you nailed it when it came to Bill Gates. It amazes me the number of people who feel since he has a technological ability in the field of computer science, that he therefore should be listened to when it comes to medical science? Besides the fact THAT makes no sense whatsoever (does a nuclear physicist know anything about building a bridge?) And as you point out, they all miss the fact of the limited ability and vulnerabilities of Windows. What idiot in a free society believes in the ability to have government control your individual person ….EXCEPT when it comes to killing other humans (abortion), THEN all (governmental) oversight and controls are lifted.

    While none of us know the true reason behind the current actions or behavior (and may never know since the media is complicit with the government), one thing we know for sure, the Chinese government manufactured this current strain and has been attempting to do so for over 10 years now. And they aren’t alone in their quest for biologic weapons and tools, just the first to either allow the release through sloppy safety protocols or intentional desire to do so.

    Thanks again, great article.

  2. Mr. Clayton,

    Excellent article, thanks for writing it.

    There are too many statistical and medical mistakes that have been made in this horrible year of the Wuhan Flu, but at this point President Trump needs to thank the Fauci/Birx gang for their help, and then get the nation moving again. Too many guesses and modeling errors were made by the medical professionals that were far from on-target, so we need to allow the economic professional of our time, President Trump, to get the economy back on course. There is no doubt that leftists like CNN, WAPO and NYT are just sitting back waiting for Trump’s decision to end the lock-down, hoping for another death to occur and then dump on him for placing the economy over lives (and this from the party of post-birth abortions). But Trump has the spine for it, and it needs to be done.

  3. Trump makes Trump look bad. He delayed action, he delayed tests, he cut support, as usual everything Trump foes is about Trump.

  4. “Under Obama in 2009 with the Swine flu 60 million Americans came down with it, 274,304 were hospitalized and 17,469 died. In the WHOLE year!
    “Under trump so far, the United States has had 466,396 confirmed coronavirus cases with 16,686 deaths as of Friday, including 5,150 in New York City.” We’re only at about 1/4 of the year gone barely! Is the rest of this year just going to magically “go away” like Trump said the virus would in April? Oh yeah, let’s not forget that his Uncle went to, or was a professor at MIT! He’s overqualified for sure! WTF

  5. Zehn Prozent,

    “Mr. Clayton, you nailed it when it came to Donald Trump. It amazes me the number of people who feel since he has some kind of ability in the field of real estate, that he therefore should be listened to when it comes to medical science? Besides the fact THAT makes no sense whatsoever (does a nuclear physicist know anything about building a bridge?)

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