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I Risked My Life Joining The Army In 1964, But Can’t Even Visit A Neighborhood Café In 2020

Liberalism, as practiced by today’s Democrats, is so convoluted and dictatorial that it bears no resemblance to even the Democrat party of John Kennedy or Jimmy Carter. Today, when we hear the old saw of “thanks for your service” offered to first responders for their dangerous dedication to their chosen fields of work coming from the mouths of dope-smoking Democrats – including the phony, form-letter verbal thanks that Gov. Andrew Cuomo, I don’t take his or any of his cohorts’ statements as having any basis in sincerity. Cuomo’s elaborately enunciated, precisely-stated and slowly pronounced words sound as though they come from the stumbling mouth of Forrest Gump. It’s all done for show as American society is lulled into the corruption that accompanies Democrats every place they go, and the anti-constitutional behavior they profess on their way to absolute power.

The fact that I gave three years of my life serving in the Army, with the possibility of losing my life altogether if assigned to a dangerous location, as so many brave young men and women have done, plus the fact that I’m a very healthy 77 years old, it’s outrageous that I’m treated as a fool who is unable to make his own decisions about his life. Why do I have to have some leftist Democrat tell me what I can do, and what is forbidden for me to do? That I have to listen to the faulty thinking of these self-centered leftist idiots who never sacrificed anything for any reason, and who were famous for demonstrating against any form of authority in their college years, and were so fond of burning the flag or beating conservative students at any insistence that they obey laws and act like adults, much less spent years of life in the discipline of the military. It is a very sore spot for me in today’s life of lockdown and having to listen to Democrats tell me what is best for my health and for the well-being of society.

These two-bit Democrat politicians who now control the lives of every one of us, and are using their positions as governors and mayors to campaign against President Trump and keep the rest of us from living real, constitutionally assured lives of liberty, can go to hell.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. I spent my formative years living under a tyrant from the late 1930’s until 1943 in Nazi Germany. So why do I have to listen to LIEberal Democrats who are acting like Gestapo operatives, think they can dictate their agenda and tell me what I can do, and what is forbidden for me to do? And that I MUST to listen to their faulty thinking

    Those clowns have NEVER contributed an IOTA of tangibility to society lest they thought it was burning flags or protesting against reality!!! Upon my return from three consecutive combat tours in Vietnam several of those long haired dope smoking hippies were introduced to reality after they saw fit to spit on me.

    Those who have never lived in tyranny or experienced adversity really don’t know what life is about and I’m looking forward to November when LIEberals experience a long over due reality check!!!

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