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For Democrats, A Lesson Learned Is An Oppression To Be Repeated

The much-repeated philosophy of an old drunk who just wants to drink and remain drunk all day long is that it’s always five o’clock somewhere. And for Democrats who have learned how easily the American economic system can be destroyed, and why not do more of it, their philosophy is that there’s always someone sick somewhere, so they will forever hereafter, insist that all businesses must shut down at the first sign of a cold or of the flu, and that all persons must remain in their homes and all businesses remain closed until all illnesses are cured. Period.

This policy of anti-constitutional and anti-capitalist dictatorship is right up the Democrats’ alley. It is also an anti-science position, because we’ve never done anything as drastic as the national shutdown when Polio was ravaging the nation, and it’s never been done for the annual cold and flu seasons, which kill tens of thousands of Americans each year, and our nation has weathered these diseases very successfully and still maintained constitutional liberties, and we’ve remained employed and able to pay our bills as well, even at the worst of times.

Democrats learn quickly how to weaponize everything that occurs in daily life, and they now know how to use illnesses to control economic output to keep the nation on the cusp of poverty all the time. And their plea, or better stated, their club, used to get submission and to rationalize their leftist policies, is always that it’s for the good of the nation and for the sake of the health of the American people.

Poor old Obama thought he had devised the secret to making Americans obey his every order by taking their healthcare away and forcing Obamacare on them. If only he had had the foresight to use the swine flu, which occurred during his administration, as the Democrats are using the corona virus today, he would have had the perfect and complete package to “fundamentally transform America” and make the nation as he thinks it should be. He would have had the tools to keep everyone unemployed and silently at home, while using the power of the government to provide housing and food for those who were quiet and kept their mouths shut about watching our constitution be destroyed.

Although it’s too late for Obama to take advantage of an illness to serve his political purposes, today’s Democrats are up to the task of using whatever the next crisis or disease that comes along to increase the power exercised by big government. Democrats love the personal power they can enjoy by using the absolute power wielded by a corrupt government, and the opinion of Americans who are forced to live under their filthy rule can be damned.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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