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Is Corona Virus Less Threatening Than The Demiq Virus?

Today, we are watching the rabid crazed Democrats and sycophant media doing their best to exaggerate perhaps one of the largest health crisis hoaxes in history. No, Liberals are never concerned about the well-being of others, but instead, hope to spread panic and havoc around the world. “Yes,” they yell, “we must all run for the nearest bunkers or foxholes. The Coronavirus is going to kill everyone!”

For those of us with the ability to reason – void of emotions, doesn’t this sound like “Impeach President Trump 5.0” or just another Presidential Coup? After all, that’s what Democrats and their media sycophants do every 5 minutes, isn’t it? If their new tune is ever confusing, just know the song remains the same!

When facts are dismissed in favor of emotions, it is always just another Democrat faux plan whereby they gain power and money and the rest of us are screwed. Just compare facts involved with the Coronavirus to the misleading hype from Democrats and their media sycophants. No, facts don’t match the hype!

Consider the epidemic of the deadly Swine Flu during the Obama reign. That flu had infected millions of Americans and killed thousands – including nearly 100 children before President Obama did anything. The CDC noted that more than 80,000 Americans died from ordinary flu. Well, where were the Democrat and sycophant media hype and faux outrage… just crickets!

Please apply the Corona data in comparison to the Swine Flu. First, the Corona data is coming from Democrat-led strongholds. The Swine Flu data came from the CDC. The Swine Flu infected millions and killed thousands. The Corona Virus has infected hundreds with less than 50 deaths. When should the Democrats have been outraged?

Why shouldn’t we be even more suspicious when Democrats suggest Trump Rallies must be suspended! Why shouldn’t we be suspicious about their own demands to suspend their Presidential campaigns after Biden is unable to rally more than 100 people and can no longer put more than a few sentences together? Since they have stolen an election from Bernie Sanders in 2016, why wouldn’t they want a repeat and kick him out of the race by shutting him down from the Corona Virus?

Yep, if we fall for the Democrat and their sycophant media propaganda, then it’s inevitable we are all going to die so we should drink the Kool-Aid and be done with life, right? But wait, perhaps we are now receiving breaking news from CNN stating if President Trump would only resign this would end the Coronavirus scare!

Meanwhile, a Democrat robed KKK lynch mob has gathered at the White House demanding the release of President Trump. The mob is yelling there is only one way to save the planet and that is stringing up President Trump. Yep, for Democrats, it’s all about power and money – not the Corona Virus.

Now, the Democrats and their media sycophants are beginning to see their Corona hoax is waning, but it is never too late to proclaim it’s necessary for America to return to the past when pagan societies performed human ritual sacrifices. To date, Democrats have failed at every attempt to secure their quest for Donald Trump’s blood. Thus the Corona Virus must be hyped and damage this President as best they can.

The Coronavirus is nothing more than the Democrat’s latest ‘perfect storm’ but it, like all the other hoaxes, is falling apart. No, they are not afraid of the virus because they know the facts and it is and never has been a major threat to America. America has confronted and overcome ‘real’ issues like the Swine flu, polio, Bubonic Plague, HIV, Cancer, World Wars, and any number of other critical issues only to emerge victorious and stronger and so will America emerge from the Corona Virus.

Trump Supporters along with those duped by the Democrats will once again search for truth by turning to God for help and support.

Heb 13:5 Let your conduct be without covetousness (lust for power and money); be content with such things as you have. For He Himself has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” So we may boldly say: “The Lord is my helper; I will not fear. What can man do to me?”

Godly people understand the basic principle of life that people are going to die – regardless of Coronavirus or any other virus. Consider all of the many thousands of deaths occurring today from Mexican Cartels, illegal drugs, child sex trafficking, open borders, government intrusions into our lives, terrorists, Planned Parenthood, and the like all supported and promoted by Democrats! Where is the outrage about these ‘real’ deadly issues… again nothing but crickets!

Yep, when we compare fact to the frenzied Democrat and sycophant media propaganda, it’s shameful – if not criminal! When the Dems and media turned their focus on President Trump as the villain in this story, we should have known it was another hoax. What they have done to the well-being and financial portfolios of millions of Americans should rise to the level of criminal prosecution so this never happens again.

If the Democrats and their media sycophants would have cared or been alarmed about the virus, they would have been in the meetings held by the President with health professionals and participated in working ‘with’ them – not against them. Unfortunately, if Donald Trump came up with a cure for Corona, Democrats and their sycophants would manufacture another Trump impeachment hoax!

Democrats come from mostly Ivy League or liberal educational systems and seemingly gifted with high IQ’s. Unfortunately, they use their IQ for nefarious purposes instead of respecting humanity and working to improve our lives. They see things through a much different prism than the rest of us.

These are all reasons we must accept the fact the DemIQ Virus is far worse than the Coronavirus or any other issue known to mankind. Democrats will scheme and go beyond sane limits in their quest for power and money.

Yes, self-serving narcissistic Democrats believe they are far superior to all of us. It’s a group-think society and those in opposition are removed from their circle. Imagine believing Socialism elevates the masses instead of massive subordination, starvation, and poverty. Imagine believing the cure for illegal aliens and the Coronavirus is to have open borders!

Nothing sums up anti-Americanism like the DemIQ Virus. Most of us have the ability to measure our IQs, but for Dems, there are no measurements since there’s go so dangerously low and never go above ineptness. Their brains are filled with lies, deceit, and decadent thoughts. How is it possible for these anti-Americans to see through their maze of filth and corruption?

It’s been years since any Democrat had a good idea about helping American society. Everything they do is nefarious and harmful. They don’t care about success stories since they demand victims. It’s all about doing what they think is best – facts be damned! America must rise above Democrat hype and insanity.

Just as in every crisis, God is the only solution and He will see us through them. We will emerge stronger and better for having trusted Him and following His teachings. God is not and never will be the God of Fear!

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Amanda Alverez

God, Family, Career, then everything else; Pro-American, neither Republican or Democrat; Focused upon Truth, Justice, and the American Way of Life

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