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You’ve Gotta Feel Sorry For The Stupid Damned Democrats

It’s one thing when the Democrats are so stupid that they don’t understand when they’re losing to President Trump with their constant, never ending and bitter accusations against him while conducting their two-year Russia collusion investigation fiasco, but it’s quite another when they begin the same old crap of collusion accusations all over again, now with newer “evidence” that will once again raise his favorability ratings while equally lowering their own such ratings significantly. Always Trump is the going-away winner against these fools.

But just today there’s the newly released report that our intelligence agencies have determined that Russia is trying to help Bernie Sanders win the 2020 presidential election. I’d say the report is on firm ground, because it makes perfect sense that Putin would want a Commie as president of the United States, and Bernie is a Commie to his honeymooning-in-Moscow core.

So with the evidence of Russian collusion, this time against a Democrat candidate for president, where is the fabricated document that allows the FBI to get a FISA court order to electronically monitor the Sanders campaign committee? Where is the public harassment of Bernie’s family members? Where is the FBI investigation of his campaign staff ? Where are the process crimes that were the only charges that stuck against Trump’s associates during the two-year-long Mueller investigation? And why the double standard, with the Trump administration informing Bernie of this potentially damaging evidence, when Trump was never told of the fabricated evidence and the investigations initiated by the FBI to frame him, hoping they could keep him from winning the 2016 election with only damaging publicity and constant charges against him?

Republicans don’t do the criminal, immoral and nasty things Democrats do, and I’m proud of Trump’s exercise of restraint in this Sanders case in which Bernie was informed of the findings, which could bring the roof down on Crazy Bernie if it were the Obama administration that had discovered this new news and wanted to destroy him.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. They ABSOLUTELY deserve what b they will and are receiving!! “Everyone is born into this world ignorant. However it takes extraordinary effort to remain stupid!! — Albert Einstein

  2. The unimaginable, absolute absence, of Truth, where even 1+1 cannot exist. Hell, as we call it. The only place in this entire universe where lies exist is in the minds of human beings. And the biggest lie of all is to think one – or even a multitude “collective” – has any chance whatsoever of destroying the Truth. Truly I cannot say this enough. Think hell is actual fire? (Fire is a function of physics – unbreakable Truth!) That would be easy compared to a state of awareness where there is NO Truth – an unquenchable thirst that can NEVER be escaped.

    The democrats – communist – have no idea how NOT worth the cost of what they are doing. The Son of God, nailed to a cross, knew this when He begged His Father to “forgive them for they do not know what they are doing”. The Son of man cried out to his Father – “My God, why have you forsaken Me” – because He was peering into the horrors of hell.

    It takes faith to believe all of this. Even the church white-washes it.

    So, yeah, we need to feel sorry for the democrat-communists. They shall, having themselves alone chosen to reject the Truth, face this horror – not as a collective but each individually – ALONE!

    I am commanded to love my enemies and I just told you why. But no where does He ever command me to like them!

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