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Now We Have The Corrupt Democrats Right Where They Placed Themselves

Ever since the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, Republicans have been warning of the dangers of Communism, while Democrats have been adoring the wonders of anything created by Stalin, Mao or Castro and literally worshiping these international criminals.

Also one may recall the breathless articles written by Pulitzer prize winner Walter Duranty and published by the New York Times in the 1930s, in which Duranty found nothing but praise for Joe Stalin and his Communist Soviet Union, while the ruthless dictator was killing thousands of his own citizens, allying Russia with Hitler’s Germany and planning the takeover of all of Europe.

But then in 2016, in a desperate attempt to eliminate Donald Trump from the American political scene, American Democrats reversed course and began warning us of the danger of Russia, with special emphasis on collusion between Putin and Trump and the threat this imagined collusion presented to our political system and our elections. This two-faced position on the subject of Russia has placed Democrats in a position that they never thought they’d get caught in. They are speaking out of both sides of their lying mouths, and the strongest political Democrat candidate for president in 2020 is an old, Russia-loving man who honeymooned in Moscow, has proposed economic shenanigans for America that even Uncle Joe Stalin and Karl Marx would blush at for their stupidity, and this old fool leading the Democrat party is not even a Democrat!

Democrats have worked for nearly 100 years siding with everything Communist, only today, to find themselves in a terrible political position that there is no way out of, and they deserve all of the pain that will follow.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. The democrat party is the result
    of nearly 100 years of Marxist Critical Theorists (Frankfurt Schoolers) waging war on our country, our values, culture, economic system and system of government. The Theorist’s political strategy has been to convince every person that, regardless of what they do in life , every opportunity ,within their sphere of influence ,should be taken to criticize the USA and cause chaos, malcontent, and victimology withIn the ranks. Then “ rub the resentment raw” . Enter the Deplorables and all their ilk. It has brought a communist , Bernie Sanders , to the top of their party. This happened because nobody wanted to be the bad guy, the mean guy , the authority figure and suppress critical theorists and the communist agenda in the USA . Our universities and colleges are packed to the rafters with these communists. Every humanities department is a communist activist festival of crit theory professors. They are proud of it. If we don’t take back the schools ,this country will not survive .

  2. Communism is the oldest form of man-government. It started in the Garden where man first said “I will be like God”, and coveted His glory.”I will sit on the sides of the North, the seat of power and rule over the congregation (an old word that can be described as “the collective”) and be worshipped by them as god” (Isaiah 14). Lucifer is indeed the “Pride of Man” who seeks to throw off the Truth and free himself of that which is greater than himself.

    Communism has evolved since then when Giants in the land were not particularly physical large but giants in the sense of power – war lords. Barbaric. Ruthless. Murderers and Liars! God regretted making man.

    After the Flood these types of men said “go to (a command), let us make bricks together and burn them in fire. Go to, let us take these bricks and build a great city and a tower to heaven to overcome God Himself”. Since then we have watch communism – long before the word was used – evolve. It showed up in city states – like Sparta and then in the Feudal Estate where man’s “natural superiors”, the lords, ruled over and enslaved him. As time went on and the Truth was made open to all men – great and small – the ancient powers of man’s own pride kicked into high gear. Those who believed they were superior to mere man, who called themselves “Illuminists”, came together in secret societies determined to over throw all governments and sovereignty. Their most important goal was and is to toss out the Christian / Hebrew God as the Truth and make themselves lord of the earth and masters of truth as they define it! They fomented envy and hatred with lies that eventually sparked revolution in bloody France and in rebellion in both the United States (after our righteous fight for independence) and continental Europe. They did this in the name of socialism.

    Finally, first in Mexico in 1916, Communism succeeded as a “legitimate” modern government and then in 1917 where it openly declared itself as Communism as Soviet Russia. They have worked tirelessly, since the 1920s, to bring this Nation down particularly because of its claim as a Christian Nation and valiant guardian of Freedom.

    There is an unfathomable amount of blood on their hands – indeed, to the Horses bridle – that includes 10s of the millions of lives in the ’20s, ’30s, The Holocaust of the ’40s, more revolutions in the last half of the 20th Century as well and the total of 100s of millions of unborn children world Wide! The scale is such that only God can Judge it.

    There IS coming a reckoning – very soon!

    We are now on the threshold of the Techno Feudal Estate and the coming final evolution of the man-gov. / man-god; the Technocracy where unless you pledge your loyalty to the Feudal Lords – the self declared OWNERS OF THE WHOLE WORLD – you will not be able to buy or sell or do ANYTHING at all!!! You will not be a person. You will be the property of the State.

    Wake up. It is all there before you. SEE the Truth!

  3. Great article and spot on, but the problem doesn’t lie with the Democratic machine, it lies with; We The People.

    We have the power to change all this, but are infected with so much pathology (greed, jealousy, coveting – – it’s all about me), that voters it seems are incapable of making sane, reasoned choices.

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