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Ukraine Flight Tragedy Due to Iranian Leaders’ Failure to Value Human Life

Iran has been mortally pestering America, Israel and the rest of the civilized world for decades, and finally, on January 8, 2020, it’s acts of terrorism caused the deaths of 176 innocent people trying to leave that horrible nation on a commercial jetliner. The majority of the fatalities were themselves Iranians, so the terrorists are now killing their own population, while Americans and Israelis watch in horror, this time having had no casualties from their own nations for a change.

Let this be a lesson to rogue nations that care nothing about civilian casualties nor concern for human lives and have become used to killing just for the fun of it, that over time their murderous inclinations will catch up with them. After days of proclaiming and insisting that they had no involvement nor responsibility for the deaths of all of the passengers in the aircraft, the bearded devils finally had to fess up and admit that they did it.

But even killing their own citizens is no big deal to the Mullahs. Only a week or so ago there were over a thousand Iranian citizens killed or beaten and imprisoned because they demonstrated against the dictatorship that Iran has become under its “peaceful and loving” Islamic rulers. And there is no telling how many Iranians lost their lives during the Obama administration and the uprising called the Green Revolution.

Of course, American Democrats are bending over backwards to blame President Trump for the incident, using the idiotic logic, which Americans have become accustomed to when listening to Democrats, of stating that if our president had not killed one of the Iranian bad guys a week ago, there would have been no hostilities last Wednesday that led to this airliner being shot down. But of course, when Obama took out Osama Bin Laden, only praise at the fearless and brave leadership of Barack Obama issued from the mouths of Democrats. The only emotion that current-day Democrats consistently exhibit is hate for America’s duly elected president and all of his supporters

Whether it’s demonic Iranians or just plain stupid, anti-American Democrats that threaten our constitution and our liberties, America presses on, and our president continues to make America oil-independent, lower our taxes, boost the IRA and 401-K values of Americans’ investments, make our borders safer and further assure that America remains strong and safe in a world of death and insecurity. May the good Lord have mercy on America if a Democrat becomes president in the near future, because we’ll need it.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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