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Which Form Of Government Would You Prefer To Live Under?

If you live under a Socialist/Communist regime, all citizens are said to be “equal”. The government decides how much pay these “equal” citizens get, where they live, who they vote for (if they ever get to vote at all) plus there will be a perpetual shortage of goods, food and services (including health care) as the government corruptly restricts the things citizens need in order to be comfortable and healthy. And if shortages occur it never impacts the rulers of the nation, only the subjects who serve the rulers. After all, the Berlin wall was not built to keep the French and British citizens from flocking to the Soviet side of the wall to buy goods, vacation and make a living, it was solely to keep the slaves firmly, and on fear of death if they tried to cross the wall, on the east side of the border so they could be forced to continue to serve the Soviet rulers.

Also under leftist government rule, if you are unhappy or dissatisfied with the shortage of food and clothing, tough! You will be considered an agitator, and prison will likely be your place of residence for some time to come.

Under capitalism the citizens do indeed get to vote for their leaders, and there are rarely or never shortages of services or goods, because the livelihood of the companies providing these things is at stake, and unless the government makes a decision that will prevent the companies from providing the needed goods and services, they will always be available and plentiful. And if you are unhappy about something in a Capitalist nation, you can appeal to your elected representatives to correct the matter, and the ownership of an offensive company will be at risk of government punishment if corporations misbehave.

The bottom line is that with Socialism all people are equally miserable and only the government functionaries can become wealthy, and this wealth is not shared with citizens, nor does it make the nation more wealthy. Only the rulers benefit. We know that in America Democrats want to continually grow government and make it more intrusive, and Republicans want Capitalism and a small, less controlling government. So, there you go.

Considering the authoritarian and unconstitutional policies that current United States Democrat presidential candidates are proposing, it’s easy to see the direction-of-drift the nation will take if a Democrat ever becomes president again. It’s easy to conclude from all of the hell the Democrats are dumping on President Trump about a simple phone call, that their real fear is not him and his phone calls, nor his tweets. They want to continue the leftward, liberty-killing movement of the nation begun by Barack Obama, and Trump’s policies are in the direction of individual freedom, liberty and prosperity.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Loss of our liberty started with George W and 9/11… Since 9/11 and the Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama regimes, we have had more freedom? Excuse me? Hey, I am not a Democrat or a Republican, but it ALL STARTED with W. Bush and 9/11. Don’t try to blame this on Obama and the democrats alone! Because WE THE PEOPLE are really to blame for allowing it to ever get started in the first place and go on for far too long. We the people are the lawful government authority of America. And in MHO, we the people are to blame, not the government or ‘a’ political party! Since 9/11, the people in Russia and China have had more freedom than Americans. In my lifetime, except for Reagan and Trump, I don’t know of anyone defending liberty and making government smaller. The left and right wing political party belong to the same dirty bird! Rest assured: Trump will be there for 5 more years, and we can Thank God for that, not the republican party or American voters.

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