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Democrat Candidates Misjudge The Electorate: Everyone Wants To Be Rich, Not Poor And On The Dole

While the millionaire, radical, Democrat presidential candidates make hand-wringing speeches about how much the poor, starving American population needs their help to raise themselves from the throes of poverty, Americans are doing just fine under President Trump‘s leadership, thank you, and what American citizens need is for government to get out of their way so they can accumulate even more personal success, that the Trump administration has demonstrated is possible to a free people via fewer government regulations and lower taxes.

As an example of the leftist over-reach of Democrats, Bernie Sanders promises to give everyone all the things they want, while Mayor Pete promises to make seriously dangerous drugs completely legal for all to possess and while he awards reparations to illegal aliens because their feelings were hurt by being expelled from our borders or imprisoned, and Elizabeth Warren promises to open our borders to a flood of illegal aliens that will burden the governments of American cities, counties, states and the federal government with a forever stream of dependents. The only thing American citizens want from their next president is a secure border, punishment for criminals when laws are broken, and to leave American citizens alone to accomplish a pleasant future that only personal liberty can accomplish. But you‘ll never see a Democrat promise to allow Americans to live their own lives with little government involvement. Democrats want control over, and dependency from, the masses.

The “wealth” thing is what stands in the way of Democrats and their appeal to Americans. Democrats demonize “wealth” as only belonging to the selfish upper crust of our society, while not mentioning their own millions of dollars in personal wealth, and never recognizing that millionaire status is shared among tens of thousands of average Americans who have worked years to earn their money, been sensible with their earnings and have invested their money wisely. The Trump economy has caused people to realize that their personal interests are best served when a president allows them the freedom to save their money, invest portions of it and gain wealth while knowing that their borders are secure enough to keep the bad guys out and protect their families. Regardless of what Democrat liars say, everyone wants to be rich.

Promises from lying politicians are a-dime-a-dozen and nearly always prove to be false, but owning your own home, having money in the bank and having a growing retirement/investment fund are the types of financial security people want, not false, temporary offers from Democrats to give people stuff in exchange for a vote for a Democrat candidate. We’ve been there with the corrupt Democrats, and we don’t want to go back.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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One Comment

  1. Dave, very thought provoking. Many times we repeat the ideals that this nation was built upon almost to the point of cliché. But if they were just clichés they would have likely faded away by this time. True Americanists cling to the first principles of this Nation that, in summary, properly place the roll of 3 factors that are the fiber of a moral and prosperous republic. The first is that the roll of government, subject to the consent of the governed, is simply to protect the rights of the individual given to him by his Creator. Second, is that it is societies roll to enforce the morals based upon the values of VIRTUE. The third is that it is up to the individual to provide for his own security and prosperity and it is also his obligation of thanks to the Provider, to help those in need where and when he can.

    The American people have been lead astray from this structure for well over a century. For generations they have looked to government alone for all of these things. The mighty God of Heaven who brought forth this nation in the first place is graciously demonstrating to us that our “faith has been grossly misplaces.

    The American people are beginning to see that government cannot provide riches and security and take care of everyone as the Leftist Utopia mantra continues to claim. People are waking up to this. Government cannot be Just in determining morals and virtues. These are the responsibility of each member of society to embrace and as a society to enforce. The left makes fun of “Leave it to Beaver” and yet it was shows like that which reflected the general disposition of the majority of societie’s members.

    The libertarian, Ian Rand described the roll of the individual in society thus; “you cannot be the best you can for society until you are the best you can be for yourself”.

    What strikes me about your article and those of others is that in order for our Nation to be truly great again we must go thru events that bring us to the conclusions that will make our turn-around from demoralization more enduring than a casual set beck to the lefts accomplishments. We as a society and as individuals must come to the epiphany that the only lasting “greatness” of this nation will be our sincere return to the words “In God We Trust”. In order for that to happen I can envision much more trauma than we have already seen. Daniel faced certain death when the “rule of law” forced the very king of the city state of Babylon to throw Daniel to his death much against the king’s desire to not do so!

    And yet Daniel did not die.

    From that miracle God gleaned the results He had promise Israel many years prior. In the process revealed Himself to two pagan rulers who then had a certain faith in the God of Israel. It was a very good thing all around. Let us all look past the terrors by night and know that the Truth always wins according to His plan… not ours.

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