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‘Lying Trash’: George Conway Attacks GOP Rep Elise Stefanik

George Conway, the husband of White House senior adviser Kellyanne Conway and a harsh critic of President Trump, called Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik “lying trash” on Saturday, and urged voters to support her Democratic challenger.

Conway, a Republican attorney, was seemingly miffed by Stefanik’s battles this week with Rep. Adam Schiff during the Trump impeachment hearings. Stefanik, 35, won praise from conservatives following the hearings for going toe-to-toe with Schiff, and questioning how the House Intelligence Committee chairman has conducted the impeachment inquiry so far.

On Friday, Schiff repeatedly blocked Stefanik from asking questions of Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch after Republicans attempted to yield her time.

“The gentlewoman will suspend,” Schiff said as Rep. Devin Nunes tried to yield time to Stefanik.

“What is the interruption for this time? It is our time,” said Stefanik.

Schiff asserted that House rules allow lawmakers to yield their time for questions during the impeachment hearings to Steve Castor, the counsel for Republicans.

A point of contention raised by Stefanik has been Schiff’s reversal on whether to have Congress interview the whistleblower whose complaint against Trump is at the center of the impeachment saga.

On Friday, Stefanik read aloud a series of headlines of news stories about Schiff’s interest in having the anonymous whistleblower testify before Congress. Schiff backed away from that idea soon after it was revealed that the whistleblower, who is reportedly a CIA analyst, met with an aide to Schiff prior to filing his complaint on Aug. 12. Schiff failed to disclose that interaction until after it was reported in The New York Times on Oct. 2.

Schiff cautioned House Republicans on Monday that they could face an ethics investigation if they mention the whistleblower’s name during the public impeachment hearings.

Stefanik accused Schiff of “duplicity” and an “abuse of power” for issuing the threat despite having previously shown an interest in having the whistleblower testify.

“The fact that we are getting criticized by Chairman Adam Schiff for statements that he himself made early in this process shows the duplicity and just the abuse of power that we are continuing to see,” she said.

Stefanik continued criticizing Schiff after the hearing.

“This was Day 2 of an abject failure of Adam Schiff and his regime of secrecy,” she told reporters.

“I think I was interrupted about six times throughout the hearing.”

In his tweet attacking Stefanik, Conway was responding to a chart that showed that she had the second most speaking time of any Republican on the House Intelligence Committee. The chart was created by a researcher for the left-wing think tank, Center for American Progress, so it is unclear if it is accurate.

Conway has become a darling of the anti-Trump movement because of his tweets criticizing the president. In a rare TV appearance on Wednesday, Conway argued that Trump “needs to be removed” from office.

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  1. George Conway is ‘just’ another disgruntled American whose ‘claim to fame’ is his wife. I believe that one can claim that this ‘attitude’ in large part is that he can’t deal with his wife’s job that takes time from what he wants. Throwing what he thinks is a bomb at Stefanik is his way of getting back. Pray that for the sake of all he will soon grow up and be a man

  2. I highly recommend that Kellyanne reign in her despicable excuse for a husband, Just because he has no respect for you Mrs. Conway is no reason to attack a very worthy representative of the “People” Look in the Mirror Mr. Conway and see what REAL Trash is!
    And the only liars are people like you Mr. Conway and your Consuitition law bashing liars like CONgressman Schiff!

  3. Nice to see like/dislike hands available.

    I’m always surprised when I read that George Conway is a Republican. What is wrong with the Republican party allowing this man to malign our president? And he’s a bully of women it seems too. No wonder he can’t be as well liked as his wife. She’s an angel to put up with him.

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