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United Auto Workers Reach Tentative Deal With General Motors After Month-Long Strike

The United Auto Workers Union reached a tentative deal with General Motors Wednesday after a month-long strike.

While details of the deal are not yet available, members of the union are expected to receive bonuses and raises as part of the deal, according to CNBC News.  General Motors stock jumped 2.5% in Wednesday morning trading, the publication reported.

“The number one priority of the national negotiation team has been to secure a strong and fair contract that our members deserve,” UAW Vice President Terry Dittes, who is also the Director of the UAW GM department, said in a statement according to CNBC news.

Dittes also said he will not be discussing details until after union leaders discuss the deal in Detroit on Thursday.

Members of the United Auto Workers union demanded fair wages, job security, and affordable health care from General Motors in a strike after the UAW’s contract with GM expired Sept. 16.

Entry-level assembly workers are paid about $20 an hour, but the union members demand that number increase to $30 within the next three to four years, as opposed to eight years it usually takes for a raise.

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