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Time to Round Up Witches?

Our families cut the cable many years ago to begin enjoying life in the ‘real world.’ It didn’t take us that long to accept the reality that a news-less and clueless so-called news outlet is not anyone to include in our lives.

The sad part about today’s news-less news outlets is they no longer attempt to cover up their bias propaganda! One news-less outlet makes up a lie on Monday, the others repeat it until it is disproved by Friday. That’s what they now call a news cycle.

Yes, it’s the Democrat news-less society. Elites falsely believe they are most important in their own minds but in reality, are absolute scum.

Today, we are told by the news-less society to measure everyone by their ‘D’ or ‘R’ memberships. If it’s a ‘D’ then all is well. However, it’s that rascally ‘R’ we must fight and destroy them.

Did anyone know that R’s are witches? Yep, it’s true. Can anyone imagine the audacity of any R rallying against the new-less media and Democrat society by challenging their gospel? Such insubordination cannot be tolerated!

Now one can understand why R’s must be rounded up and burned at the stake! It’s just that serious and it is close to Halloween, so that should make it okay, right?

Failing to do this will mean America being flooded with awful things like truth and fact! Then there will be jobs for everyone. Wealth will be achievable for all – not just elites. Freedom will reign supreme. The Constitution will be honored. OMG!

What are we to do about this sort of madness? If one’s goal in life is to be a Socialist, can you only imagine how upsetting Donald Trump is to them?

When Democrats are in charge, chaos reigns supreme. Their impetus is always about making government bigger and citizens smaller. Making government the final arbiter and forcing citizens to just shut up and go away – or else!

Now enters Donald Trump and proclaims freedom will reign, government will reduce its role, laws will be enforced, the Constitution will be honored, there will be equal justice for all, facts and truth will dictate outcomes, and all people will have the right to the pursuit of liberty and happiness.

America finally has a President trying to get us out of ‘never-ending’ Middle East wars while Democrats are demanding more wars! Could it be due to the fact their elite children won’t be serving in the military so it only makes them more money?

Not only do they demand more wars overseas, but now they are even fueling the ingredients needed for another civil war to boot! Yep, it appears the KKK division of the Democrat Party is flexing their muscles again and ready to attack Blacks for leaving their plantations to vote for Donald Trump.

The one thing we can all agree upon is the Democrat’s ‘Trick or Treat’ season is upon us. Unfortunately, their treats are nothing more than BS, but they are up to their eyeballs with old tricks and it’s not about Halloween.

What the Democrats are doing is either a very bad dream or treasonous. Either way, it’s now obvious to even our children that these are very sick anti-American people.

Remember when Hillary asked Donald Trump if he would abide by the election? Then she became offended when he wouldn’t respond to her question? Reckon she knew then the Democrats wouldn’t accept the election results?

Isn’t it time for Democrats to get over it? The 2016 election was held, and Donald Trump was the winner – just in case Democrats didn’t stick around for the ballot counting. Should any sane person continue debating that election every day?

Like any event, if one can’t get over it then shouldn’t we believe there is some sort of nefarious purpose behind the insanity?

Now, the 2016 election has passed, and Donald J. Trump won. Now the 2020 election is upon us and if they hate Donald Trump that much, then defeat him at the ballot box – don’t try to burn witches.

It’s really that simple! Democrats have every opportunity to prove that all of Donald Trump’s accomplishments were bad and we should elect Democrats to return to endless wars, massive numbers of people on welfare, high unemployment, jobs moved overseas, crime flourishing, government corruption, less freedom, no Constitutional rights, massive numbers of illegal aliens, and sinking wages.

So, should Democrats burn the Constitution, schoolbooks, and witches or find a candidate that is pro-American, pro-Constitution, and anti-Socialists to defeat Donald Trump in 2020?

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Amanda Alverez

God, Family, Career, then everything else; Pro-American, neither Republican or Democrat; Focused upon Truth, Justice, and the American Way of Life

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