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The Dems’ Hate And Fear Of Trump Prove His Value To America

If the Democrats simply despised and disliked President Trump for beating their gal in 2016, one could understand their thinking, because that’s exactly what patriotic conservatives did with the Obama administration for eight years, as he sought to “Fundamentally Transform America”. Conservatives learned to live with an Obama administration because he was the duly elected president and the people who voted for him deserved his politics and his schemes to be put into practice.

But the Democrat opposition to President Trump is so deep and so dark that it borders on mental imbalance, so it’s safe to assume that President Trump’s very presence and his active policies of preserving our laws and our constitution are a direct threat to the political left, and it’s possible that his pro-American actions are blocking some of Obama’s promised “transformations”. But whatever the reason for the Democrat gut-hate for Trump, it’s certain that they are misdirected and are powered by something deeply anti-American, because they can see with their own two eyes the improvements to American citizens and the advancement of our economy under Trump policies, and still they lie and scheme to get him out of office.

It’s obvious that President Trump stands as a bulwark between a strong, free America and the political, economic and security abyss that the political left offers and has intended for our nation for a long time.

This visceral, deep and even violent reaction of Democrats to our president means that he is exactly the person for the job of making American great again, and if we lose him, the abyss awaits.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Great artical…direct and factual. The Left used our guarantees of Free Speech to infiltrate and take control of both our educational institutions (at all levels) and then the media. They did this quietly, going to treat pains to hide their true Elitist Socialist/Marxist beliefs and agenda. Why hide them? Because if declared, they would have not been hired or permitted to take control. What proof do I have? Consider… They are now attempting to shut down the very freedom to speak thoughts and ideas contrary to their own…the very freedoms they depended upon to take power. If they had true belief in the superiority of their programs, ideas and agendas, they would be happy to, and even encourage, debating contrary ideas. But now they are in power, they wish to demonize, disrespect and even shut down expression of contrary positions. This is what the National Socialists of Germany did in the late 20’s, the 30’s and up until they lost WWII. President Trump has the added challenge of opposition from the professional political class, which abhors his lack of respect for them and for turning down every and any opportunity to become a part of their corrupt, self-serving “club” (dedicated to re-election, acquisistion of power, and avoidance of “having to go back home.”), insisting on atempting to make government shrink and go back to its created purpose…to SERVE the people, not the politicians.

  2. PERFECT TITLE !!! Another good article Dave

    This election will be a vote for freedom !!! Failing to vote indicates you live in the wrong country.

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