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Pelosi’s Coded, Racist Remarks About Black Leader

Following the recent death of Congressman Elijah Cummings, Nancy Pelosi called the respected black leader the Democrats’ “North Star”. Is this some vague racist comment about Mr. Cumming’s large physical size, likening him to a large lump of stone floating in space? It would be understandable to suspect racism as being the origin of Pelosi’s offensive remarks related to size and laziness, because Mr. Cummings was a large man who, in his latter days, made his way around the Capitol in a wheeled, motor conveyance.

The racism of the Democrat left is often hidden in clever code, lost in words that sound like praise, but we all know what people like Pelosi mean when they say these things. And to make Ms. Pelosi’s insult even worse, the North Star reference joins the racist white aspect of her reference to the star’s color as seen on the horizon, when the actual color of Mr. Cummings was not the white that Democrats prefer.

The North Star was, of course, used to guide Eighteenth-Century, wind-driven ships, and Ms Pelosi here seems to be showing how outdated and old fashioned she thinks Mr. Cummings was in his thinking and his actions. Did a reference have to be made to the whiteness of the North Star, which contrasts to Mr. Cumming’s dark skin and aligns with the Democrat old South preference for white skin?

Nancy Pelosi should demonstrate her shame at these crude, racist remarks about one of her fallen comrades and resign her position immediately. We all know of the Democrats’ devious decoding-ring, racist language, and this is such a classic example of Democrat racist referencing that even Senator Robert Byrd, the old KKK leader who was a highly respected Democrat and was praised by Barack Obama and the Clintons as being a great American and an example for the nation to follow, would be shocked. Ms. Pelosi should be removed from her official government responsibilities immediately for her blatant racism.

Of course anyone familiar with the term tongue-in-cheek will recognize the above description of Nancy Pelosi as being just that. But it’s as accurate as the repeated racist charges launched against President Trump by the filthy Democrats who refuse to admit they were beaten in the 2016 election and who refuse to allow President Trump to implement his policies, and who further also refuse to work with him on legislation that the citizens of America want to become policy.

The Democrats and their in-house appendix, the U.S. press, take the most innocent comments and actions of President Trump and try to impeach him for them. These people are insane and all Democrat politicians must be voted out of office in 2020.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Stars are not large lumps of stone???? There masses of gas and plasma, nothing about them is solid. Also the North Star was the single most important thing for humans learning how to navigate the earth for literally hundreds of thousands of years. You sound like an idiot, maybe you should research topics before you post “news” about them.

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