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Megyn Kelly to Make First Fox News Appearance In Over Two Years

Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly will make her first appearance on Fox News since leaving in 2017 to speak with Tucker Carlson Wednesday, the primetime host announced Monday evening.

Kelly’s appearance on Tucker’s show comes a year after her unceremonious exit from NBC after a heavily-criticized blackface comment and the move could signal her intention to re-enter the TV news world just in time for the 2020 election.

Fox News might be in the market for talent as it recently parted ways with its only anti-Trump host, Shepard Smith, opening a possible afternoon spot for the former prime-time FNC figure.

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  1. Wow! Mixed feelings here. NOT about appearing on Tucker’s show, but the possibility of her rejoining FOX. The positive is that she at least would be transparently anit-Trump instead of acting duplicitously (as did Smith); negative feelings as she lacks the professional skills that Shep had but misused. And there are many talented journalists altready on the FOX payroll that could do a “balanced” news program at mid-day; I hope they get the opportunity. MK has already been proven to be a “sell-out” for money, so her veracity is always going to be in question. Does FOX really want to populate its airwaves with that kind of ….”character?”

    1. Agreed. FOX has swung to left of center with the demise of Roger Ailes, the death of Rupert Murdock and the inheritance of the liberal Sons of Rupert.

      1. And another question: Why does FOX perpetuate the lie that the House of Representatives are conducting an Impeachment Inquiry?

        The House of Representatives cannot conduct an Impeachment Inquiry without first having taken a vote. This is merely wish-fulfillment on the part of democrats and ALL of the media.

  2. Ailes and Murdock were the ‘North Star” for FOX guiding their success. Young Murdock doesn’t appear to have the ‘balance’ they had and tilts to the left, giving the left staff more wiggle room. While being critical of other network’s reporting,,,,they repeat/play the exact inflamatory pieces.( seemly repetition will eventually replace true)
    Kelly left over what was presumed to be money. If she returns as a Queen Bee I think that we will watch our last ‘fair & balanced’ network join the trash at the bottom. How long can the ‘real’ journalist last.

    Possibly a PUBLICITY STUNT….Tucker is in an awkward time slot and you just know people like us just have to speculate…BE sure, I’ll be watching….unless NCIS is on

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