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Buh-Bye: Shepard Smith Out at Fox News

Fox News' Sean Hannity calls colleague Shep Smith 'so anti ...

Shepard Smith announced Friday that he would be voluntarily leaving the network.

In an emotional statement at the end of his Friday show, Smith announced the news and said it would be his last broadcast.

“So recently I asked the company to allow me to leave Fox News,” he said. “They obliged.”

“Under our agreement, I won’t be reporting elsewhere, at least in the near future,” he added.

Smith has been a CNN-esque figure at Fox News. His leftward bias and anti-Trump reportage created a difficult transition from early afternoon to evening programming.

Shepard’s constant virtue-signaling made it difficult to see his program as a straight news show. Peppered with social justice propaganda and liberal talking points, it was a show that would have been more at home on MSNBC or CNN.

The 3-4 PM ET slot will now be filled with a rotating cast of reporters until a new show can fill the finally vacant hour.

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  1. There is no question that Smith turned what was supposed to be a “News” broadcast into an “Opinion” show by both censoring or itnoring corrections or lies from the “Left” and by using adjectives and terms designed to cast doubt on any positive news regarding the “NON” Left. He was “Maddow-light.” Frankly, I wish that Chris Wallace would go with him, as his show has turned into an “attackTrump vehicle” in the last 3 to 6 months. I have nothing against their right to have any opinion they want, but they should be honest in the labeling of the program…remember Colmes? Colmes was as Left as you could imaging, but he was honest that his offerings were “opinion” and never tried to claim that his was unbiased “news.” Good guy, although I never agreed with his positions…R.I.P.

  2. Finally he is gone !!!! what a relief …………He used to show his very obvious hate to Donald Trump ………..
    Very soon we will see him in CNN

  3. I used to tape Wallace’s show but stopped when he had a guest host on and I felt relieved. Bret Baier is so much better! I don’t know if he hates Trump but I think he’s trying to be a hard-nosed reporter and he just comes across as a jerk.

  4. When Chris Wallace will join Shep and file for Social security benefits ……………… Time for Chris to hit the road he is a Old democrat to the bones , Fox news must get rid of him ASAP. Why Fox news are keeping an old Fox biased on board ????

  5. Chris Wallace knows it all. Chris thinks his opinions are so , so much more important than the guests he is incessantly interrupting . Nobody may speak for longer than 10 seconds without Chris correcting him or her with his “in the know speak” . Inappropriate for Fox News, alienates the viewers. Lose Chris to pasture.

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