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Liberalism Is A Mental Disease

Following the dismal presidency of Democrat Jimmy Carter, the wealth of America, and of individual Americans, grew during and after the Reagan administration. But leftists couldn’t abide Americans living well without Democrat control, so as soon as Reagan was gone, liberals began applying regulations and using anti-capital verbiage when referring to corporations and profit-making. The situation only became worse during the Obama administration, which led directly to the non-growth, economic stagnation and high unemployment rate during Obama’s eight years in office. Liberals can’t leave well-enough alone and have to make people less wealthy and more dependent on them once they get any form of power. Liberals are mentally deranged.

Upon taking office, Donald Trump immediately made the economic atmosphere more favorable for business and ended the Obama economic down-turn by cutting regulations on businesses and speaking favorably about business and industry, which led directly to a surging economy and full employment for all classes of citizens, and enormous growth in Americans’ 401Ks and personal investments. This rosy picture, of course, has caused the current flock of Democrat candidates for president to compete with each other to sound more Socialist, more anti-business, more in favor of higher taxes and more prone to increasing the size and scope of big government once they are elected. This will inevitably cause a new era of economic suffering and a loss of wealth, if one of these fools becomes president. One conclusion thinking people can draw of these unthinking, negative tendencies of liberals to always do the wrong thing, is that Democrats must enjoy seeing people suffer and go without jobs, because those are the natural and inevitable outcomes of Liberal policies.

On subjects of a non-economic variety, liberals and the liberal press ignored the Obama Fast and Furious scandal, and they failed to mention Obama passing a message intended for Russia’s President Putin to “give him more time” to get elected, but will not hesitate to go after President Trump for merely telling the Ukraine president he wanted help investigating corruption committed in Ukraine by Joe Biden when Biden was vice president and colluded on his son’s behalf to become a highly-paid board member of a Ukrainian oil company.

Numerous American cities, run for long periods of time by Democrats, are having a rough time dealing with homelessness, unemployment and high crime rates. Yet they ignore the simple solutions of enforcing existing laws and using appropriate sentencing guidelines for punishing criminal cases, which are things that successful cities use. The path to running a successful city is available to Democrats and is on display in all low-crime and relatively low-unemployment cities, but Democrats must be daft and mentally challenged to constantly use the wrong social and legal policies, when the successful path is right in front of them, if they only had the eyes and the courage to see.

Scandals mean nothing to liberals, unless something inane that they don’t approve of is performed by a conservative.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Dave, I disagree. Liberals in the true sense (they don’t exist, at least not in power, today) believe that we all are responsible for each other and should sacrifice toward that end. They also think that they are better able to decide just how and for who this attitude should be exercised (Yes, that means they have an elitist complex). That, just like childhood tantrums, can be corrected and is not “madness” or “insanity” (the definition(s) for “deranged.” Current “Liberals” (I classify them from the programs that they favor as “Socialist/Marxist/Progressive/Democrat aspiring Dictators”) have never learned about or suffered “consequences” of the programs they favor; the “law(s)” are for others, not them, and “truth” is a variable (if they say it, it is truth; if you or I say it, it is NOT truth) and anything that goes wrong is ALWAYS someone ELSE’s fault. This is a result of faulty upbringing and can be corrected by simply forcing consequences on them. An instructional tale goes: a young girl wanted her neighbor to give money to a homeless man begging at a local store. Encouraged by her parents she asked the neighbor to give the man money. The neighbor suggested that his garden needed weeding and said that if the girl would weed his garden, he would pay the girl $20 that she could give to the man. The girl pondered for a minute, then replied, “why don’t you hire the man to weed your garden and give him the money directly? The girls liberal parents were enraged that the neighbor had turned their young daughter into a Conservative thinker…and problem solver. Make Liberals actually fund their own programs and do the work that is needed by their programs without reaching into other people’s pockets (definintion: don’t use tax dollars, use your own) and see how long they remain “Liberal.” The programs today offered aren’t about “doing good”…they are about gaining dictitorial power over others by deception and misdirection. They are not mentally ill…they are evil…or perhaps it only their programs that are evil. But there is no denying that the outcome(s) are destructive and evil and would destroy our Republic.

  2. The infant learns that his cry commands the breast to appear; Liberals are infantile. They take no personal responsibility and cry and expect others to take care. This is immaturity. People with mental illness (psychotics and neurotics), ironically, suffer from taking responsibility for events beyond their control.

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