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Why Is America Allowing Democrat Insanity?

Please choose any Democrat leader or leaders and ask yourself how you think they feel about America. Is America truly a ‘basket of deplorables’ as was so stated by Hillary Clinton?

Why do Democrats look down their noses at America? What has America ever done to Democrats that deserve their total disdain?

Quickly run through your mental database of America’s more notorious millionaires and billionaires. Yep, all Democrats, right?

Unfortunately, most of these wealthy elites didn’t earn their money the old fashion way but instead was part of the Democrat cabal of crony capitalism.

The Democrat mindset about America is taxpayers work for them and it’s their duty to spend taxpayer money to only compliment the Democrat Party’s goals and objectives.

As Nancy Pelosi just said, Democrats do what is Patriotic when they spend millions to remove a duly elected President. Yes, for sure Democrats are prolific liars and schemers.

Democrats wouldn’t get more than 5 votes from among its members to pledge support for the US Constitution, US Military, or citizen rights! If it’s a vote on destroying the US Constitution, then they will get 100%.

The amazing thing about America is once a new sheriff, Donald J. Trump, moved into DC, the Democrats have been forced to display their hold cards.

You see, this new sheriff doesn’t play dirty politics, won’t hide his agendas, won’t go into the back rooms to split up taxpayer money, and won’t support anti-American activities.

Most importantly, the Democrat Party’s anti-American schemes are being exposed and fought to a degree never imagined.

Who would have ever believed the Democrat machine wouldn’t be able to smear, besmirch, malign, and destroy a Republican? This sort of failure is just not acceptable to Democrats, right?

Destroying people is what Democrats do best! Being a member of the Democrat Party means checking one’s ethics at the door because politics to them is a total blood sport!

Because America was founded upon Judeo-Christian values, most Americans understand there is always a higher power involved in everything we do or say.

As of August, Democrats falsely believed that by kicking God out of their Party would mean free reign on their actions without consequences. They would finally be able to do whatever and bully Americans into thinking and believing their rulership was better than God’s.

After all, those ‘stinky’ old Ten Commandments would no longer interfere with their plans with God missing from their quorums. Finally, they could immediately remove ‘so help me God’ in their oaths.

Well, that should make them so much more powerful, right? What they didn’t consider is Americans are beginning to see their un-Godliness for what it really is and don’t like it.

Americans are demanding a return to the old ways of life where we lived in peace, tranquility, and love. A time when we loved one another, wanted the best for everyone, and worked hard to make our lives better for the next generations.

Today’s Democrats are lost. They are wandering in the wilderness falsely believing they have the only path to nirvana!

With President Trump exposing the Democrat motives and goals every day, America is seeing how the DC sausage is being made and we don’t like it.

What Nancy Pelosi and her ilk don’t understand is that being a Patriot means standing ‘up’ for America – not tearing Her down! They can’t even understand that scenario.

For Democrats, it’s now left is right, white is black, citizens are scum, and illegal aliens are their savior. Money and power are all that matters.

Democrats are going to have to come to the reality their schemes of making themselves wealthy at the expense of human lives is not going to be a winning plan for America or themselves.

Promoting child sex trafficking, sex slavery, and illegal drugs is not going to be their winning strategies – regardless of how many millions they pocket.

No matter how many times Democrats vote to kick God from their party, there will come a day of reckoning. When that day arrives, they are not going to be so emboldened and arrogant.

We must recognize Democrats for who and what they are: liars, losers, anti-American, anti-God, and the world’s largest hate group. Patriots must support our President, Donald J. Trump, and begin the process of cleansing America from this insane and deadly disease known as the Democrat Party.

Romans 14:8-14 For whether we live, we live unto the Lord; and whether we die, we die unto the Lord: whether we live therefore, or die, we are the Lord’s (no one escapes or hides from the eventual realities). For to this end Christ both died, and rose, and revived, that he might be Lord both of the dead and living (offers eternal life). But why dost thou judge thy brother? or why dost thou set at nought thy brother (despise, malign, false witness)? for we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ (there will be a judgement day to account for our actions).

For it is written, As I live, saith the Lord, every knee (not just some) shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God. So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God. Let us not therefore judge one another any more: but judge this rather, that no man put a stumbling block or an occasion to fall in his brother’s (humanity) way.

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Amanda Alverez

God, Family, Career, then everything else; Pro-American, neither Republican or Democrat; Focused upon Truth, Justice, and the American Way of Life

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  1. Why all these silly questions over, and over and over again by conservative bodies and Fox is ridiculous lately as they sound more like CNN every day. All spewing the same questions and never really talking about the real elephant in the giant shit-filled room of attacking the President and the Administration that he trusts (as not all there are on his side). Why all of this hysteria, and why one attack after another, yet every one having the same MO, the only difference is the topic. I listen to the talking heads, in the media, and in the written word, and it is as if they themselves are not bright enough to see what is happening, and or, are silenced either by bosses, or by ignorance, to see and talk boldly about the Truth of it all, and lack the ‘brass’ to get down to where the rubber meets the road and speak deep truths, that many do see, but refuse to speak them boldly out loud and often to the People. More of this boldness needs to be pushed, and it would happen if the People could hear truth to understand the deep things going on behind the so called curtain. I think the days of film-flam and soft words and bullshit needs to be done with. Some one, some where, beside President Trump needs to get really PISSED and stand confidently and bravely and courageously against the enemies within our gates, and worse, even in our hen-houses. It is sad, and yet we need to feel more, we need to stand boldly against them, collectively. They are in everything, it would not be easy but it would be among the most important works real Americans could do since the wars that helped shape our great Nation. This time I do not believe we need bullets and such, what we need is to learn Truths and stand for all that is the right things to be standing for, and call the wrong, wrongs, and do so courageously and yes, again, boldly. Truth is our greatest weapon, but too few know well how to wield the sword of Truth well at all. Their are a lot of those on the wrong side of everything, and they are in every walk of life, many right out there in our face, and the cowards, run around as sheep but are in reality ravenous wolves.
    Saying the left hates President Trump, as if their vile-filled rants, attacks, and hateful ways toward the administration is “ALL” about President Trump, whom has done nothing wrong except, and this is big, huge:—
    Here is in my opinion on why ‘they’ are so violently pissed off, over, and about. One can call ‘them’ whatever one wants, but they are left-leaning, socialist, progressive, globalists, and at the end of their endless list if titles – they are all communists, through and through. I wish People would just settle this truth and call the spade what they are. Doing just that would be the right beginning needed to start ridding them out of our great Nation. We had been mighty blessed as a Nation, but our blessing are vanishing quickly as is easy to see. We failed and forgot who we are as a People and do not stand for our GOD and ways of life. We are a part of a very great and everlasting Covenant between our CREATOR and HIS People. That Covenant is still very much in place. We do our part of it and blessing flow, we do not and disregard it and curses come. I believe we can at least see what side we are on these days. I do not think one even needs to be the brightest bulb in the drawer to see that Truth., And that is another Truth People need to learn, sooner than any later now.

    So here it is, Truth of the ‘who they really are’ they are a group of left leaning, socialist and globalist that have bought into the One Global Agenda for the goal date of 2030; and all of them have frantically committed to that end-goal.
    Now, they did not arrive here in 2016, but have been growing their very sick and twisted lust for the NWO or OGW – whatever ‘they’ want to call it, and it has been in the developing stages over the last 80 +/- years, actively. They began by infiltrating the political and governing bodies, the educational/media bodies, the financial institutes, and the religious bodies too. They have used communist people to infiltrate their sick secular thoughts and ideas and grew it exponentially, as commies do, and have done, forever. The commies further use the religions to drive division even more. ‘They’ use everything without regard to anything, ‘they’ are truly godless humans, that are bloated in self, and their feelings of self-righteousness. Their ego, deceptions, lies, are all used with the ‘whatever it takes’ attitudes to get their goals accomplished, and individuals be damned! People mean nothing to them except to do their bidding and to control. Nothing will stop their obsession toward their end game. The baulkers that refuse to call the spades what they are, they refuse to announce the spades for the commies they are do so to the detriment to themselves and the People. Why perhaps to they do it? Because no one likes to admit they have been utterly hoodwinked and bought into the lies and deceptions told over and again over decades now. So some refer to ‘them’ [commies] as Globalist, etc., and that seems to makes them feel better or at the least, politically correct, and that is yet another cancer brought to America by the commie bastards. Nevertheless, ‘they’ are real, very real and even spew it out for any one to hear it and or read it. It is so very sad too few read anything deep or to find understanding anymore. And that is what we are in such desperate need of. The media that was suppose to help, but they fall under the educational bodies that have become utterly corrupted. And little that ‘they’ have to say is of any real nor lasting value anymore. Unless People wake up, learn right, and stand against these bodies with conviction, courage and boldly; well, evil will take control of our Nation as well as the world that ‘they’ have already made great and grave headway into to. That is their end game, global control. It is all written out so as a child could understand it, but no one wants to read it, learn it, absorb it, and do what needs doing.
    It’s so very sad that even so-called ‘conservative bodies’ that too few really understand this as both a Truth and a fact; and if some do, NO ONE is talking about it openly, often enough, and certainly not with any true sense of conviction enough to be of any real help to or for the People, so that they might be better able to learn rightly and stand against what is going down. Because it is in fact going down now, and the only question Real Americans that love our Providence and CREATOR need to know is Truth, and it is Truth that alone is able to save us and but us back on the right beam we have fallen off of too long ago. Now is the time to learn right, share that Truth, stand courageously and bodily for it and win this race. That is the right thing and things to be doing and to get done. I just had to say it and write it out, and share it, for whatever it is worth to whomever may read this. Karen

  2. Hi Karen and thanks for dropping by.

    There is nothing more important than what you have expressed. Love it and so on point!

    Please have a blessed week,


  3. Whew! Amanda & Karen, you both have said so much, so well, I’m hesitant to add to it. (but will)

    In all fairness, there are still some “true” Democrats left that simply don’t realize that their party has be hijacked by these so called “progressives”. Empowered by their success with Democrats, these Socialist are now convinced they can ‘take down a nation’ by degrading every moral principal it was built on…..and why not? After all, ‘we the people’ have been so immersed in our own little personal lives, we simply didn’t pay attention or if we did, we remained silent. We left our future and that of those to come for “others to take care of” We allowed feckless representation to homestead in Congress creating the perfect breeding ground for apathy. Apathy is a KILLER that we have allowed to run loose & free to spread its poison to contaminate every Main Street in America!

    This contagion can be stopped only IF every American voter will act in unity. It will be a long & difficult task and a full time job…and we may well be splashed with swamp water while unplugging the drain. I ask, “How has sitting on the sidelines, grumbling to each other worked out?” The 2020 Elections may well be our last chance to save our God given nation.

    We were founded on Christianity…may we find strength and courage in the hymn….”Onward Christian Soldiers, marching into war…with the Cross of Jesus going on before.” Make no mistake, this is war, a spiritual war. We no longer have the luxury of ‘letting others’ fight for our Sovereignty.

    A wall of unity will not be breeched

  4. Hi Jan and thanks for your great comment.

    Yes, Democrat Party has long ago left the US and being operated by anti-Americans. I would probably add, Republicans are on the same path, it seems. Why are they not standing up for President Trump?

    Patriots must unite and if it means a 3rd Party, so be it.


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