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Why Are There Any Democrats Still Living In America?

For a very long time we have heard liberals in the entertainment industry threaten to leave America if a Republican was elected president; and then following the election, decent Americans have been forced to feel the disappointment of those liberals still being here after the Republican was elected. They won’t go away!

So, considering the current bunch of leftist misfits running for president on the Democrat ticket, and taking into account their obvious hate for their fellow American citizens, plus their dislike and disrespect for our constitution and our traditions, why don’t these complaining, belly-aching, Commie-loving people move to Cuba, Albania or Venezuela where their radical ideas are already in place and fully implemented and are currently causing the poverty, sickness and misery for their unfortunate citizens that Socialism/Communism always causes?

Or for a more gradual, closer-at-hand move that would not be quite so shocking to their sensitivities, perhaps they could relocate to Canada, where they can experience the full brunt of government-provided healthcare and see what that’s like. When they get sick and the hospitals north of the border are closed until the government next authorizes enough money to reopen them, perhaps some of their Canadian neighbors can direct them to the nearest American hospital where they can visit quickly and get the life-saving attention they need.

But, no, the America-hating Democrats won’t leave, so we patriotic Americans have to sit and watch the radical Democrats candidates swear to nullify our constitution, take away our private healthcare, confiscate our weapons and undermine the duly elected administration of Donald Trump, instead of relocating to some s**thole country that actually practices the Socialism today’s Democrats want to impose on America.

Maybe we could deport one Democrat presidential candidate for each illegal alien that crosses our southern border; at least most illegal aliens hurt our nation accidentally by being financial burdens and taking jobs that Americans would like to have, whereas radical Democrats severely injure the nation intentionally with their offensive verbal attacks on our country, their shredding of our constitution and their corrupt policies and actions.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Actually, I would suggest that there aren’t any left of what my “FDR worshiping” mother would define as a Democrat. Oh, I am sure there are a few, but they (the ones that I know) claim that todays group that insists on using that name are nothing at all like those of the middle of the last century. THOSE Democrats were actually fiscally conservatives compared to even Republicans today. They actually did believe in not spending more than you could tale in, unless there was an emergency (like WWII). And even then the goal was to pay it down within a decade. Plus, they believed in the Democratic Republic we still (sort of) have, in elections being “over,” and in civil discourse and argument of competing programs and ideologies. I thought I was alone, but a registered Democrat acquaintance recently said that today’s Democrat party seems more like the National Socialist Party that existed in Germany in the late 20’s and continued until the end of WWII: they shut down free speech, harassed those who thought otherwise ideologically, Goebbels press refused to report other than party propaganda, and the Brown shirts attacked and threatened all who didn’t get with the Socialist Program(s) (much as antifa does today). So…the people who grew up as Democrats are people without a political party. I suggested that today’s Republicans are closer to what the Democrats used to beleive…well, except for the balanced budget thing.

  2. The roots of the democratic party are corrupt, all the way back to its founding. How anyone could ever align themselves with democrats is beyond me. I am a native sixth-generation Texan living in New Mexico to be near my daughter and grandson. This place is run by liberals/leftists/democrats who are too stupid to comprehend that their policies are why this state leads the nation in burglary/car theft, why the schools are the worst in the country, why the state is surpassed in poverty only by Mississippi and now California, and, until President Trump took office, why unemployment generally leads the nation as well. Yet democrats defend and maintain their policies of failure and their useful idiots are too stupid to connect the dots. Even infanticide is fine with their “anything goes” platform. Democrats are morally bankrupt and utterly stupid.

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