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Stand with ICE rally taking place in Aurora, Colorado on Memorial Day

This Labor Day, fellow patriots will be gathering alongside Michelle Malkin, Tom Tancredo, and Randy Corporon in a #StandWithIce support rally.

Conservative powerhouse, Michelle Malkin, is leading the way to honor the brave men and women who labor at the front lines to defend against the immigration invasion. This rally aims to show support to those who are avidly protecting America’s sovereignty.

The rally is taking place on September 2 from 10-11 a.m. in Aurora, Colorado. The rally location is at the Aurora ICE detention facility where in July, the American flag was removed and vandalized and then replaced with the Mexican flag.

On July 12, approximately 2,000 protesters stormed outside the facility where illegal immigrants are being housed. They also took down the U.S. flag, tried to burn it, and then replaced it with the Mexican flag. A Blue Lives Matter flag was spray-painted over with the words “Abolish Ice” and then hung upside down.

Several other attacks have happened to ICE facilities across the country. There was an attempt at a terror attack launched against the Tacoma, Washington location, a shooting that occurred at the San Antonio ICE building, and Antifa caused an ICE facility in Oregon to be shut down for ten days.

Michelle Malkin lived in an illegal sanctuary hub of Montgomery County, Maryland more than a decade ago. Since July 25, seven illegal immigrant rape suspects were apprehended in this county. A few incidents include on August 14 a detainer was issued against an accused Salvadoran national. He is being charged with raping a 16-year-old innocent girl while she was held at knifepoint. Another case happened last month, where two illegal immigrants received charges for repeatedly raping an 11-year-old.

Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich just recently signed an executive order which prevents ICE from entering jails in order to detain undocumented immigrants. Even if ICE has issued a detainer that requests for an added 48 hours to take custody of a person, under this order police are not allowed to hold an illegal immigrant beyond the original release date.

Malkin and her family moved to Colorado to escape the Beltway mentality that was infiltrating this area. She is now determined not to let what happened to her former home in Montgomery County happen to the ever radicalizing Centennial State.

It is time to get off the sidelines and act. As Malkin stated, “It’s time to stop making nice with those who are waging war on ICE.”

The demonization of our ICE agents is beyond disconcerting. Their lives are under siege regularly, yet they have very little support. It is disturbing how few Republicans in Washington are making it a mission to put Americans first. There is not a single Democrat who is running for the presidency who believes in enforcing our immigration laws. In turn, not a single one of them, therefore, believes in keeping Americans safe.

If they won’t, then we must.

As a child of legal immigrants who came from the Philippines, Malkin has long been an outspoken advocate for border control and has continuously warned of the dangers of illegal immigration.

In 2002, Malkin wrote the book Invasion: How America Still Welcomes Terrorists, Criminals, And Other Foreign Menaces to Our Shores. Her newest 7th book, Open Borders Inc.: Who’s Funding America’s Destruction?, releases in September. It delves into the shocking and disturbing truth on who is actually funding and organizing this immigration fiasco.

Illegal immigrants have been responsible for the separation of American families. U.S. citizen Alexander Mazin was shot and killed by a twice-deported illegal immigrant who has since fled back to Mexico. Spencer Golvach was shot dead by an illegal while at a traffic light in Texas. A young woman, Kate Steinle died after being shot by a homeless illegal immigrant who had been deported five times. Teenager, Joshua Wilkerson, was shot killed by a classmate who was an undocumented immigrant.

Joshua’s mother stated the obvious, “It’s absolutely absurd that we’re sitting here discussing enforcing the laws that Congress enacted and the president signed, and we’re sitting here begging them to enforce the law.”

These are just a few examples of the American people who have been murdered by illegal immigrants. They leave behind families who have to deal with the effects of preventable tragedies for the rest of their lives. This devastation against Americans are 100% preventable if the rule of law is followed.

Repeat offenders consistently evade deportation orders. Serial offenders are allowed back on the American streets to offend again. Top Democrats have made it their mission to make sure the laws in place are not followed. They are stunting to allow illegal aliens to have the right to vote. California has approved a bill giving health insurance and benefits to illegals. We have thousands of homeless veterans, but yes, let us give away millions of more tax dollars to those who break our laws.

I had the pleasure of hearing Malkin speak at the Western Conservative Summit in July. She relayed that if we cannot communicate freely in defense of the assault on our borders, the rule of law, and freedom of speech, we will no longer be a sovereign nation.

The fear of being called a racist for advocating for a legal immigration process is quite real. We are at the point where we are being censored for publishing vital information that exposes the truth about the threats we face. Gathering to stand up for what we believe in has now been hijacked with a real risk of violence occurring against us.

“It’s not hateful to protect our borders. It’s not hateful to protect our citizens. It’s not hateful to protect our values,” stated Malkin.

Americans need to come together and realize our nation’s sovereignty is at stake. I encourage any fellow patriot who wants to do something about the freedom of our country, to join us this Monday and defend the values we so strongly believe in.

For more information about the rally: https://www.facebook.com/events/465828100933567/?active_tab=about

Originally published with https://patriotsofthelord.com/

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Amalia White

Amalia is a millennial on a mission. She is a passionate free speech supporter and wants to produce articles that make people evaluate what they believe and why they believe it. https://patriotsofthelord.com/author/amaliawhite/ Twitter: @AmaliaWhite Blog: amaliawhite.com

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One Comment

  1. A “Stand for Ice” is a STAND FOR AMERICA !!!

    Each one of us was given the ability to think, to reason and the POWER to act. How we use them is a CHOICE. We can cower in a fetal position ‘hoping’ someone will do something or we can use that power to keep this blessed Nation. Real power goes to those willing to step out of their safety zone and FIGHT for it.

    That tried and true expression of yesteryear is good today “If you aren’t part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

    Find hope and courage in gatherings like these while seizing power.

    Thanks, Amalia

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