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Stand with ICE rally taking place in Aurora, Colorado on Memorial Day

This Labor Day, fellow patriots will be gathering alongside Michelle Malkin, Tom Tancredo, and Randy Corporon in a #StandWithIce support rally. Conservative powerhouse, Michelle Malkin, is leading the way to honor the brave men and women who labor at the front lines to defend against the immigration invasion. This rally aims to show support to those who are avidly protecting ...

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Mollie Hemingway Breaks Down The Pros And Cons Of Shutting Down The Southern Border

Senior Editor for The Federalist, Mollie Hemingway, tackled the pros and cons of President Donald Trump’s proposal to close the southern border on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday. “The idea behind shutting down the border, there would be two issues there. One, there are so many people flowing over the border — there are so many people flowing across the parts ...

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If the Border Crisis Continues, President Trump’s Accomplishments Won’t Have Lasting Value

Our country is facing the largest border surge in Border Patrol history. The border crisis has hit a significant breaking point. A record 4,117 migrants were apprehended this past Tuesday and a Mexican news outlet, Mexico News Daily, has reported that this latest group of migrants traveling to the US could have more than 20,000 people and is being referred ...

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Revealed: Mexican Drug Cartel Members Use This Simple Trick To Evade Border Patrol

  by Will Racke U.S. Border Patrol agents have some of the most advanced security technology money can buy at their disposal, including radar-assisted cameras, underground motion sensors and drones. But sometimes they are thwarted by Mexican drug runners with just a few dollars worth of shaggy rug scraps and Velcro strapped to their feet. In a simple but ingenious trick, ...

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