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Democrats Have Become The Party Of Sedition And Destruction

If you are in search of forces opposed to American tradition and the American constitution, and if you want to locate people who want to end American prosperity and put a stop to our precious liberties, you have to look no further than our once-great press, members of the Democrat party in general, and the current Democrat candidates for president in particular.

Our nation has had to suffer through two years of staged investigation into pretend collusion that Donald Trump never committed, having to endure crimes that Hillary and Joe Biden did actually commit that no official will investigate and present to a Grand Jury, all at the hands of Obama-era officials. The Mueller investigation was a devious attempt to invalidate the 2016 election and deny the people who voted for Trump their electoral win. The Mueller investigation was, plain and simple, an attempted coup against the United States of America and a devious plan to overthrow its constitution.

We’ve seen the process to nominate a candidate to the Supreme Court be completely scandalized by the American left with charges accusing Brett Kavanaugh of various misdeeds, only to find that no corroborating testimony and no person with firsthand knowledge of the alleged incidents exists to validate the charges, and no one has paid a legal price for this dishonest behavior.

We see the House Democrats posturing like they are investigating impeachment against President Trump, while they disobey all past precedent and lie about the actual impeachment process being underway. We’ve even seen the Democrat head of the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff, read a fabricated account of a conversation between President Trump and the president of Ukraine, during an official session of the Intelligence committee. In other words, Mr. Schiff was lying about an official act of President Trump, as our president conducted official government business with a foreign ally, and Mr. Schiff’s lie was a formal, intentional governmental act and document the Democrats were using as part of a formal inquiry against President Trump.

We’ve seen one “bombshell” after another, and one alleged “crime” after another, and heard of various acts of collusion, and been told of one impeachable act after another with no evidence offered for any of it and none produced to validate any of the Democrat lies. We have, however, seen acts of sedition and plots to overthrow an elected president repeatedly come from the political left.

We’ve heard one unconstitutional proposal after another come from the Democrat candidates for president, and we’ve heard police-hating speeches from these fools in their attempt to forge an anti-police and anti-ICE attitude in America. We’ve also heard constant charges of racism come from the Democrat candidates, along with idiotic comments from the likes of the squaws on the Democrat House of Representatives “squad” as they practice their seditious habits.

On top of all of the above offenses of America’s political left, they Democrat candidates propose forbidding citizens to eat the food they like, forbidding Americans to drive piston-engine, internal combustion automobiles, forbidding American citizens to fly in commercial or private aircraft, and they plan to spend trillions of dollars we don‘t have, in addition to the trillions our nation is already in debt for, on the fabricated lie of warming/change. And, of course, they promise to take all of your weapons of self-defense away from you. How can any sane citizen vote for the political left, which has already made themselves insane with their hate of Donald Trump and his conservative supporters?

Today’s Democrat party is a pack of seditious, anti-American swamp-dwellers who will do all in their power to undermine the United States and the wonderful life we have here, and that’s why they must be denied power, because they will use it for evil purposes.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. The demoncrats haven’t JUST because the political party of sedition & destruction

    they’ve always been the political party of sedition & destruction, the kkk now antifa

    they still hatefully & deceptively hide their faces, when they wore white, green & red

    now they wear black and they’re illegal terrorists no matter how they’re viewed

    whether they’re acknowledged as kkk, white nationalism or antifa

    they still will steal kill & destroy

    and they’re still belong to that damned corrupt murderous demoncrat party of terrorist

    but nevertheless and all our US TRUMPing more

    ❤TRUMPence2020❤ successfully US Landslide Reelected assuredly
    Amen & Amen!!!

  2. What is being done to our President,,,,is the same thing they are trying to do to us patriots,,,Its called the Red Flag Law….Any one ,,,call them a whistleblower,,,can turn us in and acuse us of being a threat to ourself and those around us….We are then subjected to illegle seizure of our 2ed admendment rights without due process….Sounds like what they are doing to our Pres…only difference kick him from office

  3. I grew up in Texas where almost everyone was a Democrat and there was not hatred towards Republicans. Now, many years later I fully believe most all Democrats have morphed into hate-filled beings who will do almost anything to destroy Republicans politically. How very sad it is now that everyone can’t cooperate and just focus on what is best for our nation.

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