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I’m A Trump Voter: Patriotic, Quiet, Peaceful And Seething

The filthy left in America is intentionally taking criminal, apolitical actions (shootings and beatings are the most recent mode of leftist political operation) and turning these traditionally non-political actions into the new politics of the Democrat party. They are turning these things into political actions for the sake of being able to blame President Trump for causing them, just because he occupies the White House.

The Democrat Party of the racist KKK and the violent ANTIFA, is risking actual civil war in America because they think their anti-Trump verbiage will serve them and their radical goals well in 2020. They care not a whit for the pain and suffering their radical actions will cause peaceful Americans, and of course, they have no regard for American laws nor our constitution, either. The left is only interested in gaining raw political power to enable them to cause more pain than patriotic Americans are willing to withstand.

The left has stated in the past that they believe that no matter what disaster befalls our population, that it’s always “women and minorities hardest hit”. Well, this idiotic belief is probably true when it comes to civil strife, but they have no regard for the suffering of what they consider the lesser people of our society because they are fascist enough to only care about gaining the power to rule, and have no regard at all for those who may suffer from their radical actions. The “seething” mentioned in the title of this piece comes from the blatant, lying Socialist/Communist politicization of everything that happens daily in America, and in the opinion of Democrats, it’s always Trump and his supporters who are to blame. Donald Trump will be re-elected in 2020 because the dishonesty and violence of the political left is so obvious that all decent Americans will see it and be repulsed by it.

The American radical left continues to behave like the violent Nazi/Communists they are, practicing social violence, physical violence, and political violence as they move methodically to destroy our laws, our constitution and our pleasant, prosperous way of life, all with the goal of undermining the current sitting President of the United States.

To Socialist/leftists it’s all about what outright violence can buy, and how they can win battles with the threat of violence hanging over the heads of their opponents. There was a time when a conservative Republican possessed some societal and political rights and was allowed by the press to present their side of any argument and allow American citizens to decide the path they considered wisest for the nation to follow into the future. But those glorious days of a free and balanced press are long gone.

The American leftist press are all on the side of the radical Democrats, so only the leftist side of any argument is allowed to be heard by the American public. At the same time, the true principles of conservatism and capitalism are presented in a negative light, and, of course, President Trump is always presented as a diabolical creature whose only goal is to subjugate minorities and spread hate for all foreigners, which is a provable lie if Trump’s business life and his current presidency are viewed honestly and truthfully.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. I am with you, Dave. I quietly respected the Presidency of Mr. Obama, which I considered a disaster that, among other things, started the concept that it was ok to defy and disrespect our lows and our law enforcement officers…but Mr. Obama won the elction and I stayed quiet and respectful even as I was alarmed and dismayed.

    When President Trump was elected I totally expected that, as Americans, those on the left would behave as I had earlier. Instead, they threw a tantrum that continues to this day. Even more disturbing is now the top condidates on the Left are actually lying about President Trumps’ statements regarding Charlottesville (recordings and video tape have already been reviewed and verified), and the MEDIA is supporting the lies by neither challenging them when they are said, nor pointing out that they are lies in their stories and reporting. The Media is complicit in a treasonous attempt to aid a Socialist/Marxist takeover of our country. The Left is using lies to incite Racism and Hatred and the Media is aiding and abetting that effort. As if that weren’t enough, the Social Media moguls are also using their platforms to lie about and supress the President’s response to these lies. It is the Left that are proving themselves the Racists and the Haters…and the Media on all sodes supports them…all the while knowing that the Left is lying.

  2. True every word you stated and I agree with the article and the comment by Thomas, YES, yes and yes, I am a Trump supporter as well, Patriotic, strong loving, non-violent-and YES seething! The left has gotten away with heinous, heinous crimes and we allowed it, we have had no defense and the Media has fed into all that the left wanted, and yes, we are headed towards a civil war, Maybe we should ask ourselves WHY does the left want a war so badly, do they really think they could win? My big question is when the lies are so blatant-so in our face-where common sense and ethics do not rule, how is it that any American loving person can fall for the left and their lies, I know of many that believe the heinous lies, that are steadfast democrats and believe the absolute worst of this President-They scare the heck outta me and they are Moms & pops and teachers, your everyday American believeing this horsehyte?? SCarey!

  3. The communists will start are starting a civil war. The writer is right on point .

  4. I, and everyone I know actually, are with you word for word. The Democrats ARE the liberal left now and they ARE Antifa. If it quacks like a duck it’s a duck.

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