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Dems & Media Always Conceal

  Once the Democrats formed their KKK (Ku Klux Klan) and discovered “concealing” themselves under sheets and a cloak of righteousness, worked; they have never looked back. Yes, today is no different than when the Democrats started running wild and crazy in their attempt to control Republicans and Blacks before the Civil War.

The Democrat Party in their righteous indignation, have never found any act of violence, too violent – if it gives them power. Democrats believe they are so powerful and righteous in their political prowess they can do ‘nothing’ evil or wrong.

Murder, rape, burning homes and barns, destroying crops and herds, became common place for Democrats. Of course, we must never forget about all the hangings, shootings, and dragging people to death.

Underneath the cover of their sheets, Democrats blew up children in churches. Tent revival meetings were stampeded and burned.

Republicans and Blacks were harassed with public physical and verbal attacks in public arenas and streets. Democrats posted signs and told Blacks they could not eat in public restaurants or stay in hotels – even use restrooms.

Of course, America must never forget how Democrats fought to block and deny Black’s right to vote and education!

Sadly, just when we thought we had put all these awful issues in American history behind us, today’s Democrats want to exhume and return to those “good old” days! Democrat’s lust for power to control everyone, money, and power is so great they must act inhumanly. Basic decency be damned – it’s war!

Even if it means another Civil War, Democrats seem prepared to go there. As we can all understand, restraint for Democrats is not a virtue.

Democrats are akin to sharks in a feeding frenzy when it comes to power and money. Liberty and freedom for all is an anathema to their foundation. Control is their only mantra.

Democrat problems begin with their arrogant attitudes falsely believing those outside of the Party are deplorable and despicable people. As such they must be bullied and forced into obedience to their ways and providence.

Unfortunately, Democrats have zero tolerance for resistance or opposition to their thoughts and goals. After all, they believe they have the ‘only’ plan for greatness – even though everything they want to accomplish is disparaging.

All of these facts hardly paint a picture of puritanical faith and Godliness, right? None-the-less, Democrats routinely beat their chest and swear they are authentic people wrapped in the American flag and cloak of Godliness.

Today’s Democrats are now resurrecting and activating their KKK wing of their Party because they see Americans are finally awakening from their slumber and deserting their Party.

Instead of Sheets rushing out to do their immoral deeds they are substituting Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Farrakhan, Hillary Clinton, President Obama, Eric Holder, Pelosi, Schumer, AOC+3, colleges, weaponized government employees and agencies, NGO’s, Labor Unions, Media, and others to do their dirty work.

Does anyone believe all of this is good for America? What is the Democrat Party doing to improve America? Does any Democrat Presidential hopeful have even one ‘positive’ vision for America?

Only after this domestic terrorist group known as Democrats are defeated and driven from elected office will America experience unprecedented growth, wealth, and happiness for all! Democrats remain worshippers of pantheism and serve no valid function in our American way of life.

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Amanda Alverez

God, Family, Career, then everything else; Pro-American, neither Republican or Democrat; Focused upon Truth, Justice, and the American Way of Life

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