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Biden Was Asked What He Did In 8 Years To Stand Up To China. Here’s His Response


Former Vice President Joe Biden pointed to the Obama administration’s signing of the Paris climate accord in 2015 after a reporter asked him Thursday what he has done in the past several years to push back against China.

“We did an awful lot with China. We got them to join the Paris climate accord,” he told a reporter at a press gathering in Iowa, referring to former President Barack Obama’s role in forging the agreement. The deal, which was signed by more than 200 countries, is a non-binding accord that does not compel through force China’s adherence.

Biden is touting his credentials in Des Moines, Iowa this week as he ramps up his 2020 presidential campaign. The visit has culminated in a several gaffs — he told one crowd Thursday that he believes in “truth over facts” and most recently said “poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.”

President Donald Trump began the process in 2017 to remove the U.S. from the agreement partially because he believed it gave China a pass. Other Republican lawmakers have expressed similar concerns.

Exempting China and India from abiding to the non-binding deal is one of the main reasons why greenhouse gas emission are increasing, GOP Sen. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana said in a 2018  interview on Fox News. Regulations in the U.S. are causing companies to shift production to countries not tethered to the accord’s strict provisions.

Experts also believe much of the increase in global emissions is coming from countries like India and China, both of which are consuming coal and other fossil fuels at alarming rates.

Carbon emissions rose in 2017 after stalling for three years in a row, according to a report that year by the International Energy Agency (IEA). IEA’s report mirrors findings published in the Global Carbon Project in 2017, predicting global emissions would rise two percent.

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CO2 emissions rose because of a 2.1 percent increase in global energy demand — 70 percent of which was met by fossil fuels, especially natural gas and coal-fired electricity. China’s six percent jump in electricity demand was met by coal, IEA reported.

Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign was focused around dinging China, which he claims has been cheating the U.S. on trade deals for decades. The president imposed a 10% tariff on an additional $300 billion worth of Chinese imports in September — on top of a 25% tariff already imposed on $250 billion worth of imports.

Biden’s campaign has not responded to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

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  1. Biden, it turns out, is loaded with dirty deals spread out the “legal” way, among his family members, which has made his tribe immensely rich. What’s more, he’s doing it the swamp way, which keeps the long arm of the law out of the picture, based on deftly navigating the political loopholes, and a sharkily deft capacity to use advantages. According to the indefatigable investigative reporter Peter Schweizer.
    “One of the best ways to make friends in Washington is to do deals with family members,” he continued. “Joe Biden every year as vice president, he has to disclose his income, assuming those disclosures are honest. He can’t have a big, fat check from the Chinese government in that disclosure form, but his adult son, Hunter Biden, he doesn’t have to disclose anything.”
    Schweizer reported a lot of this stuff back in March when his book about swamp corruption came out. He has since unearthed ugly new self-dealing from the Democratic frontrunner.
    A bank account that Hunter Biden drew a lot of money from and that a lot of foreign entities put a lot of money into,” the author noted. “Just to give you an idea, over a 14-month period, from 2014 through early 2016, while Joe Biden is vice president of the United States, a Ukrainian company called Burisma – it’s controlled by a very corrupt oligarch – sends 3 Million dollars into this account.
    A Chinese government entity called Bohai Harvest – which is run by the Bank of China – sends $650,000 into this account,” Schweizer added. “There’s $1.2 million that comes from an LLC with a small boutique Swiss bank. We don’t know who’s behind the LLC. The bank itself has been charged in six countries for money laundering, so that makes it kind of sketchy.
    This all stands out, and it shows how dirty and underhanded the Biden-led swamp’s power games are. Not only is the swamp-left determined to unseat President Trump, but it seems to be obsessed with self-dealing, and in ways that are unavailable to ordinary Americans. Joe Biden can keep going as he presents himself as the candidate of the little guy, but these billion-dollar political-connection deals tell a different story.

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