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Apple News Bans Top Pro-Life News Source, Cites ‘Intolerance’

Apple News banned a top pro-life news source in the country from the platform Wednesday, claiming the organization displayed “intolerance towards a specific group.”

The Apple News platform, a free news app, banned LifeSite News Wednesday, just one week after accepting the pro-life outlet onto the platform, saying that LifeSite news’ channel did not comply with Apple guidelines and their content showed intolerance “towards a specific group.”

Apple did not provide further reasons when pressed by Life Site News, Editor-in-Chief John Henry Weston told the Daily Caller News Foundation. Weston said he does not yet know the reason why they were kicked off the platform.

“We are a pro-life and pro-family website, so perhaps they think we show intolerance to women because we protect the right to life of the unborn,” Weston added.

“Or maybe because we are pro-family and we believe that marriage is between one man and one woman.”

Apple accepted LifeSite News onto the platform July 24, a week before they were told their account had been disabled, Weston said. LifeSite News had continuously applied to publish on Apple News since November 2018.

The editor-in-chief said there is growing evidence “tech juggernauts” are purposefully censoring mainstream conservative viewpoints. “Apple’s decision – made unilaterally, and without opportunity to appeal – is frightening,” Weston added, according to LifeSite News.

“It goes without saying that LifeSite would never promote intolerance or hatred against any group,” Weston continued.

“However, in our current divisive political climate, even mild expressions of common conservative viewpoints are often written off as de facto hatred and intolerance. We certainly hope that this is not what Apple is doing.”

Apple did not respond to multiple requests for comment from the DCNF.

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One Comment

  1. One should never, ever tolerate the intolerable.

    Death Roe

    A young child has not a clue,
    That its life is about to be through.
    In what should be the safest place,
    Their life about to be erased.
    Hundreds of thousands every year,
    Will have stolen what we hold dear.
    Convicted of living in a womb,
    Now transformed into their tomb.
    America arrogantly lives a lie,
    Sentencing innocent children to die.
    The executioner has no burden of proof,
    Has no interest in hearing the truth.
    Our country is upside down,
    Abortion rampant in every town.
    A little heart beats at 24 days,
    Don’t expect any execution stays.
    Arm and legs torn apart,
    Forever silencing a broken heart.
    Another life about to fade,
    In innocent blood his feet Wade.
    Millions of coffins in a Roe,
    The winds of change starting to blow.

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