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Mueller Neither Ran Special Counsel investigation nor Authored Report

A very wise man stated, “Truth is a force of nature!”

While Democrats and the media despises truth, it always has a way to wiggle through all the barriers and coverups to surface right when it’s least expected. The proof is everywhere and runs throughout history.

However, it couldn’t have been more evident than during the Mueller testimony before Congress. Right before our eyes, we watched the Hindenberg explode, once again.

Unlike the Hindenberg, this wasn’t an airborne vessel but rather an eggshell-thin bag of lies that exploded to leave permanent deep scars throughout the FBI, DOJ, CIA, Multiple Government Agencies, MSM, anti-Trumpers, and especially the Democrat Party.

If tickets were sold, seats for the Mueller hearing would have sold out within moments of the announcement. Similarly, there is no location in the world able to accomodate all attendees.

Fortunately, the Hindenberg was then but the Mueller hearing is now. Americans didn’t have to physically travel anywhere to attend but could relax in our favorite chairs at home to ‘enjoy’ the presentation.

The only problem is that just like the Hindenberg, it was a nightmare. Watching Robert Mueller’s testimony explode was very upsetting – regardless of philosophical opinion.

Despite this, did any of the following points manage to wiggle its way through all the fog, lies, and mischief? If true, shouldn’t these points be investigated…

  1. Robert Mueller was not in charge, who was?
  2. Robert Mueller did not write the Mueller Report, who did?
  3. Robert Mueller knew little if anything about Trump/Russia Collusion, why?
  4. Robert Mueller did not know or understand the purpose of the Special Counsel assignment, why?
  5. Robert Mueller admitted he had no proof of Russia collusion, why did everyone lie about it?
  6. Robert Mueller admitted he indicted Russians but had to withdraw charges when the Judge hearing the case demanded proof, so why file a case without proof?
  7. Robert Mueller admitted he ‘thought’ his actions were not a witch-hunt, where is proof of the crime?
  8. Robert Mueller lied to Congress admitting the reason he didn’t subpoena President Trump was due to time constraints rather than the court demanding proof of a crime, so why didn’t he have proof?
  9. Robert Mueller lied to Congress explaining he did not exonerate President Trump, provide the predicate for any prosecutor to exonerate?
  10. Robert Mueller lied to Congress when he stated President Trump could be charged after he leaves office, for what crime?
  11. Robert Mueller lied to Congress when he explained he did not question political affiliations from his staff, why were only Democrats selected – just coincidental?
  12. Robert Mueller lied to Congress when he stated he was not familiar with Fusion GPS, what else was the predicate of the investigation and FISA warrants?
  13. Robert Mueller lied to Congress when he stated he reassigned FBI staff when he discovered their text messages, why did the agents testify differently?
  14. Robert Mueller lied to Congress when he stated he sent his FBI agent’s phones to the FBI as would be normal, but instead why weren’t they downloaded and researched before destruction?
  15. Robert Mueller lied to Congress when he said Russia spent money on social media ads trying to change votes in favor of President Trump but wasn’t it spent after the election?

Should we go any further? Yes, we could but these points are enough to provide a foundation to understand there was a truckload of information dumped by Mueller and everyone is wrongly dismissing it.

The most important point is to question what the DOJ will do with Mueller’s ton of information? Isn’t it about time to take this hoax seriously and punish those involved?

To bring all this information into perspective, let’s ask a few more questions:

  1. Why did Hillary Clinton stop campaigning before the election date?
  2. Why was Hillary so ‘cock-sure’ of being elected?
  3. Who attended her election party that was involved in the Russia hoax?
  4. When the Hillary Campaign realized they would lose, how soon afterwards was the Russia collusion hoax exposed?
  5. Did Hillary Clinton gain Putin’s permission to use them in this hoax?
  6. Was the uranium deal with Russia used as a part of the Russia hoax?
  7. Was Russia’s payment to Hillary the funding resource for all the hoax efforts?
  8. Did Hillary choose Mueller as their straw man knowing he was not mentally well and could be easily abused for their nefarious purposes?
  9. Why would all Democrats and media buy into this hoax unless it was being run by Hillary?
  10. Why would all the government agencies become willing accomplices unless it was being ran by Hillary?
  11. Who else in America could run such a hoax with an iron fist?
  12. Who else in America would be afraid to compromise, destroy, and bankrupt others to get their way other than Hillary?
  13. Who else in America considers Politics as a ‘blood-sport’ if not Hillary?
  14. Is there any other person in America willing to go to any depth to get their way?

Well, we can only hope these issues will be investigated and turned into real or false accusations, right?

Somehow, it’s like knowing where there is smoke, there is fire! Is all this information coincidental?

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Amanda Alverez

God, Family, Career, then everything else; Pro-American, neither Republican or Democrat; Focused upon Truth, Justice, and the American Way of Life

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  1. “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.” Then the Word said; “I AM, the Way, the Truth and the Life. No man approaches the Father (of the Truth) except by Me, (The Truth).

    In the beginning, when there was nothing, the Truth was there, even in the fact that there was nothing. If there was nothing then the Truth was; THERE IS NOTHING. Therefore, in a literal sense, the Truth is eternal without beginning and without end.

    Then the Truth – by design and intent – said; “There is something” and there was a “big bang” as the entire universe came into being at the very WORD of the Truth.

    In Fact, nothing can exist without the Truth. The Laws of Physics is the very creation TESFIFYING to Glory of God!!! You cannot break the Laws of Physic! FACT! You CAN NOT! You can break the laws of man and you are allowed to choose to break the LAWS of God but if you attempt to break the Laws of Physics you will likely get hurt – or DEAD!

    The Truth is a force of Nature? No kidding! The Truth is the most powerful FORCE in the Universe and the very FABRIC thereof. Never forget that!

    One always equals one. There are an infinite number of answers to 1 + 1 but only one answer is correct – Fact! You cannot tell a lie except that there is a Truth to tell it about. So even in a lie there is Testimony of the Truth.

    “I AM, THAT I AM…” One always equals One. It is inevitable that the Truth ALWAYS WINS!! Just be patient.

    1. Hi Derrell and once again your wisdom shines.

      I love the information and appreciate the reality of your taking time to comment.

      I only pray others find the wisdom.


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