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Michelle Obama Talks About Trump’s Inauguration Crowd, Says It ‘Was Not Reflective Of The Country’

Former First Lady Michelle Obama spoke out about President Donald Trump’s inauguration in a Saturday interview, saying she was one of “handfuls of people of color.”

The former first lady spoke to CBS This Morning’s Gayle King about her feelings when Trump took office, saying that the day was very emotional and referencing crowds that she claims only held a small amount of people of color according to The Hill.

“That day was very emotional,” Obama told King, “and then to sit at that inauguration and to look around at a crowd that was not reflective of the country, and I had to sit in that audience as one of the handfuls of people of color, all that I had to hold on to over those last 8 years, and it was a lot emotionally.”


“By the time I got on the plane, it was a release of 8 years of trying to have to show up,” Obama added.

Obama also told King that “our upset wasn’t over our legacy,” explaining that they were upset on leaving office at what they worried the Trump presidency meant for the country.

“We weren’t there to instill our legacy, but the upset it would cause the country,” Obama said. “What saddens me is what it’s doing to the country as a whole. What we have to be really conscientious of is what kind of country we’re leaving for our children or grandchildren.”

The former first lady also told King that former President Barack Obama was “one of the most productive and profound presidents of our lifetime” and promised that both herself and her husband would vote or whichever candidate wins the Democratic primary according to CNN.

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  1. News flash. People of color make up 13% – 18% of the population. America is a majority White Christian society? Go to any sporting event and by far you see white faces represented of this majority. Therefore, when Machell Obama goes to sporting events she typically is in a minority of a crowd that doesn’t reflect people of color beyond their representation in the population. Does she feel uncomfortable at these events or is it just Trump?

  2. The queen JHussein Administration was not reflective of the USA at all, more reflective of a Zimbabwe style tyranny like Robert Mugabee, but in a Sodomite way. At least Robert was a well known “Womanizer” while Barry & Mike are well known “Sodomizers”. Mike is right, the crowd was not reflective of their type of fans, those can only be found at the Gay Pride sewers. TRUMP LANDSLIDE 2020! KAG!

  3. Poor, poor Michelle. Your husbands inauguration was not reflective of the country. Only the coastal elites thought you were all that. And, the rest of think your husband was and remains slimy of character.

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