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I Now Believe in Man-Made Climate Science

Warming Embrace - A.F. Branco CartoonYes, I’ll have to admit I have been “one” of those climate deniers for all these many years. Only after I finally witnessed a human being causing changes in temperatures did I finally come around to an understanding of such ludicrous religious science.

I must now admit watching our President create a perfect storm is a day I will never forget! His ingeniousness insight confirms my votes for President Trump counted as he works for my family’s best interests!

If we compare President Trump to chess, it took less than four moves for checkmate. If you compare the President to basketball, he skipped through the first three quarters and dunked the ball for the final play of the game.

Yes, any way we look at our President, this week is one for the records. We have 4 whinny anti-American Democrats that have become the ‘lying darlins of the media’ running 24/7 opposition advertisements against our President.

The temperatures really increased within the Democrat Party. The four ‘tv darlins’ proceeded to attack Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats demanding obedience to their leadership or they would find others to run against them in 2020.

Many wise people recommend staying out of your enemy’s internal rebellions. Immediately, President Trump was attacked for interfering in the Democrat food fight. Unfortunately, these self-serving political nothings spoke before they knew what occurred or misjudged Donald Trump’s ingenious strategies..

Thanks to President Trump’s ‘real-life’ savvy, we watched him create the world’s best perfect storm! His campaign ads will forever expose every Democrat (and Republican) supporting four of the most hated anti-American Democrats to ever serve in Congress.

Additionally, I would be happy to tell the four Republicans (in name only) there isn’t going to be any need for them to run for office, again. Their political careers have just ended, and it will be irreparable.

In contrast, we have President Trump moving America forward in ways unimagined. Every sector of America is on the rise and improving – regardless. However, for American haters, these things don’t matter because they just get in the way of their real goals to destroy America.

America is finally being respected again, America is getting stronger, America is now once again the envy of every country in the world! Even the main-stream media is now running scared after President Trump brings their lies and deceit into the public arena.

Up until this week, we could not state that ‘all’ Democrats were anti-America. However today, we can and for ever more make such a statement with confidence.

Who in America wants to knowingly vote for any anti-American? Today, President Trump successfully exposed voting for any Democrat acknowledges it is a vote for a worse America steeped in massive debt, sharia law, no combustible engines, no fossil fuels, joblessness, antifa on steroids, no borders, selective law enforcement, more illegal immigrants, and a government filled with anti-American, anti-Israel, and anti-Christian religious ideologies.

Yes, these are political platforms that won’t even be accepted by most voters living in Blue States. The door for Conservatives to seek government offices in all States is now open, once again.

With President Trump’s wisdom, Democrats supporting Muslim Sharia Law begs us to question where LBGQ+ societies, entrenched in Blue States, will move to practice their religious lifestyles? No other country in the world affords them such liberty and freedom.

Who would have ever believed Democrats would hand Donald Trump such a precious gift? Conservatives need only keep their noses clean, promote America first, back President Trump, and coast across the finish line in 2020 – thanks to none other than President Trump.

Conservatives must now openly and proudly admit we believe and support in President Trump’s climate change actions and want him to continue to use similar perfect storms to take advantage of the hate America Democrats!

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Amanda Alverez

God, Family, Career, then everything else; Pro-American, neither Republican or Democrat; Focused upon Truth, Justice, and the American Way of Life

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