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Democrats – Now the Anti-American Party!

In athletics when players or the ball goes out-of-bounds, does anyone continue playing just as if nothing has ever happened? America has spent millions electing a Congressional delegation that is now out-of-bounds, but they keep playing as if it’s normal. What’s with that?

Suffice to say, it’s obvious we no longer have adults in DC. The children are having crying and yelling fits all day long every day instead of doing the people’s work. It’s so disgusting and such a disregard to their oath of office and abuse of taxpayers, isn’t it?

When these anti-Americans ran for public office, didn’t they realize they live in the United States of America? If they wanted to run on an anti-American platform such as a socialist, communist, atheist, Muslim, or whatever, why didn’t they have enough brains to move to a complimentary country before making an a** out of themselves and disrespecting Americans?

Taxpayers monitoring these self-aggrandized illiterates can only despise them. It’s like watching a Halloween or Pride parade where everyone participating is either drunk or insane falsely believing others appreciate decadence!

However, when America celebrates July 4th, they erupt with opposition because they cannot tolerate celebrating and honoring the greatness of America. To disrespect those who gave so much – many their lives, so they can parade around DC and bray like jackasses in unconscionable!

Isn’t it time for President Trump to send referees to DC with loud whistles and penalty flags? Let’s expose politicians that step out of bounds. Stop their game, issue penalties, and get them refocused on what they are supposed to do but not yet mature enough to understand.

Only after serious penalties are imposed will politicians begin to pay attention to their responsibilities and stop their offensive and condescending attitudes toward American citizens!

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Amanda Alverez

God, Family, Career, then everything else; Pro-American, neither Republican or Democrat; Focused upon Truth, Justice, and the American Way of Life

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    1. Hi Joe,

      Your comments are all welcome but why not instead of calling people names wouldn’t it be better to provide your opinion based upon fact instead of only being a racist?

      Have a blessed day,

      1. Yes Amanda that is normal mouth off call names, but give no valid response. This is from all the Congress as well. I am with you no matter which side you are on
        R or D Left or RIght. Just do what you were elected to do work to make the USA the best it can be. PLEASE just try that.

        1. Hi Harold and your comments are welcome and appreciated.

          Couldn’t agree any more.

          One of my articles this week will dive into your comment. Please stay tuned.


      2. Respectfully his comment was not racist. I am not a democrat but his comment is not racist. Calling someone a fruitcake is not racist it is just calling them a fruitcake lol. You assume I guess because of your last name. But the term racist gets thrown around too much and it is not valid. Call someone out for calling you crazy which is what he did but don’t label them racist. That is what the left does.

  1. Forget Russia, China and Climate Change.
    LIBERALS represent the greatest threat to the future of this country.
    They are a plague upon our society.

    1. Yes they are a plague! But one that will be completely wiped out if they ever are stupid enough to actually start the Civil War they have been brewing up. Wonder what they will do when faced by millions of massively Armed battlehardened Veterans? Probably poop their Depends, just before they die. KAG!

    2. Yes, it would be nasty and something we should all work to defuse before it gets to that poinrt, Right?

      Have a blessed day,

    3. Hi Stan and thanks for the input.

      Unfortunately your information is more accurate than I want to imagine. I pray someone will stop the insanity and allow the Democrats to regroup and become significant once again.

      Have a great day,

  2. Never forget, Democrats kicked God to the Curb, back in 2012, voting to remove God from the platform of their sick Party! That very same night, Satan took full power over the DNC and is still in power today, even more embedded than in 2012. Notice how Dims never talk about the American Citizens who are poor, only about their Criminal Illegal scum, their Perverted 879 genders, their pet Terrorists, and how much they hate a True Patriot, President Trump, but never about poor Americans because they don’t care about American Citizens at all. They had better pray that none of their idiots start the Civil War that is brewing, because they may start it, be We, the Patriots, will end it, but not before a tad of “Cleansing” of our Nation. And yes, the Leftists are Stupid enough to start something that will erradicate them from our Nation. If they want to be that Dumb, so be it! TRUMP LANDSLIDE 2020! KAG!

    1. Mr. Whitfield, this is one of my major concerns. They are pushing the illegals to the point of where they were with Blacks when the civil war broke. I pray this doesn’t happen again.

      I appreciate your response,

  3. Why do you paint everyone with such a broad brush? I’m a Democrat….do you think I’m out to ruin America? Personally, I do not support candidates with a strong Socialist platform. I believe in religious, cultural and sexual tolerance, legal immigration with humane treatment for those seeking asylum, the right to free and appropriate PUBLIC school education with funding to do the job, support for our police and armed forces, the poem on the Statue of Liberty and the final words of the Pledge of Allegiance. I believe a woman has a right to discuss personal issues with GOD in whatever entity she perceives that to be and make her own choices, not the government. I expect my President to tell the truth. I demand my country’s leadership disparage racism in all its forms and condemn those who promulgate it. I appreciate the cultural thread that every person who believes in the dream that is America adds to the unique tapestry that is the United States. And I pray….for guidance, understanding and peace, to the God that made us ALL.

    1. Hi D and thanks for coming by and having the courage to express your opinion.

      If what you say is true, and I am not doubting your sincerity, then could you explain why you remain a Democrat?

      Have you ever attempted comparing your ideologies with God’s word? Why wouldn’t they match up?

      What have public schools given America beyond illiterate generations?

      Is there any group more racists than Democrats?

      If you believe God made us all, then why do you want to allow man to murder any child of God?

      D, there are many places to study God’s word from its original languages for total accuracy. If God had made his knowledge difficult to obtain or understand, would He still be God?

      We will be praying for you and your family to find peace and happiness that can be found only through the study of God’s word.


  4. Yes. If you are a Democrat and vote Democrat, you are out to ruin America. Today’s Democrat Party is not the same political party our Fathers and Mothers voted with; today’s Democrat Party has been taken over by wild-eyed radical left-wing environmental wackos who have nothing in common with Democrats past. Or with Republicans past. Or with Americans past. Everything they support is bad for US and everything they oppose is good for US. The murder of 60 million innocent unborn babies certainly is not good for US; the Nazis would be proud of US; proud of the Democrats. If you vote Democrat, you support all of this garbage.

    1. Hi Kerry and thanks for the comments.

      You are spot on and I do agree.

      Please provide your wisdom whenever you are able to do so.


  5. When liberals run out of a valid argument or are unable make a valid point they resort to name calling which usually includes the word ‘racist’ along with all the other vile terms. Demonrats are the most racist individuals and the most anti-American.

    1. Hi Mike and you are so on point.

      I frequently question if liberals have the capacity to carry on any conversations?

      Have a great day,

  6. Amanda – You got a PhD to write articles that don’t include a single data point or even an anecdote your readers could cross reference? This is click bait. You know you’re contributing to the problem. You should really think about doing something more valuable with your life.

  7. The goal of Communism is to separate America’s family units by creating fear, economic instability, unintelligible education, propaganda media, destroy Christianity, so Government becomes your God!

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