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Where Does President Trump Go from Here?

Did anyone see the President Trump 2020 kick off rally? Did you notice the obvious sadness and disgust – some would even say the disappointment and tears began before President Trump took to the podium.

For some it was a very sad and disappointing day and those Democrat Socialists will now mount a counterattack.

They’ll need to get their partners in China, Iran, Russia, North Korea, ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood, and Hezbollah to fill the airwaves with promises these “reliable sources” will provide dirt on President Trump and Vice President Pence. If in doubt, Hillary will be able to explain how to do this.

Send John Kerry back to his family in Iran to strike a deal to allow Iran complete their quest for nuclear weapons… if they will provide promised photos of President Trump in bed with the Ayatollah Khomeini.

Confidently rely on former FBI greats like Comey, McCabe, Baker, Page, and Strock to return to Russia, locate the missing photos, and prove their original accusations that President Trump was in bed with anyone… maybe even Putin.

Keep news media sycophants busy searching news files exposing President Trump and Russia’s Putin along with a bunch of “geeks” at the 2016 Democrat National Convention hanging out around their computer.

Demand Hollywood locate movies exposing a masked Donald Trump meeting in Trump Towers with Russian Agents. Allow CNN to promote that Trump is really Zorro and hold hearings making Donald Trump prove he is not.

Of course, announce the films will also expose President Trump and Putin going into the out-house in Colorado where Hillary Clinton stored her computer servers.

Yep, with all this overwhelming ‘irrefutable’ proof of collusion with Russia, hacking the DNC computers, and beating Hillary Clinton; Donald Trump will have a difficult path to win the Presidency, again, right?

To see any political leader being open, honest, and transparent must be a very disappointing sight for a lot of liberals. Yes, for Democrat Socialist, this is a stark contrast to their ideologies and plans for America isn’t it?

Watching a political neophyte take your political ideologies to the woodshed is justification for tearing up! Just when Comrade Mueller and Government Agencies had everything going so well.

In case anyone missed it, the 2020 Trump/Pence re-election kickoff in Florida was a smashing success – regardless of one’s political persuasions. There is just some news than can’t be spun or faked and this is one of those stories!

News ratings and live attendance for this event was like none other in the history of America. However, rest assured anti-Trumpers are going to attempt spinning this event by lying, deceiving, and obfuscating reality. The rally left the media and Dems in total disarray and tears.

While Democrat Socialists look at America in their rear-view mirror, President Trump is searching the far corners of the earth to find ways to make America a better place to live for all!

When Dems look forward, it should scare the Hell out of everyone! Consider their plan to eliminate cars, tractors, trucks, airplanes, ships, trains, and all combustion engines. Then if it moves, it has to be taxed.

If you can analyze reality – not fantasy, it’s obvious President Trump is well on his way to another land-slide victory. Why? Because he lives in the “real” world!

Reality further exposes Democrat Socialists have only far-left insane socialist ‘schemes’ planned for America that will be totally rejected by sane people. They have “NO” real solution to any issue.

If doubt still exists, just ask, “Why would any American ever want to be a part of the Democrat Socialist Party’s demeaning America and Americans in favor of illegals and Socialism?” May God richly bless President Trump and his families.

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Amanda Alverez

God, Family, Career, then everything else; Pro-American, neither Republican or Democrat; Focused upon Truth, Justice, and the American Way of Life

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