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Where Do Dems Go from Here?

In case anyone missed the 2020 Trump/Pence kick-off in Florida, the only thing to understand is it was the most successful Presidential kick-off in the history of America. Democrat Socialism was addressed and destroyed by a Political neophyte!

After being taken to the woodshed, it is appropriate to ask, “Where will Dems go to lick their wounds and develop a victorious strategy to beat Donald Trump?”

Since they don’t live in the ‘real’ world, many will suggest they don’t even know what happened so how will they fix it? More than likely, it’s going to be “business as usual:” anti-American propaganda, lies, deceit, more taxation, racism, sexism, and insane political ideologies!

How could anyone or anything drag Democrat Socialists away from their old playbook of tax and spend economics, Blacks forced to stay on their plantations, no jobs, more welfare, less health-care options, lies, deceit, and closing the doors on business opportunities? These are their addictions they shoot up every day.

Freshmen Democrat Socialists are trying to make a splash by pushing their Green New Deal. Yes, it’s a step “outside the box” but imagine the harm created by eliminating combustion engines.

Of course, they are not smart enough to ask if anyone will enjoy their swim to Hawaii? What about swimming to Europe? How will our military survive and protect America? Humm!

Please don’t bother to ask how farmers and ranchers deliver products to the marketplace. How many Americans and around the world will subsequently starve to death? How will children obtain milk desperately needed for their development? Is this a real plan or just more Democrat insanity?

Should we bother to ask why Democrat Socialists support legislation approving the murdering of children after birth and those that survive abortions? Isn’t this the first step to desensitize Americans and do what President Obama called for in “transforming” America?

After all, Democrat Socialists are world renown for routinely murdering those disobedient to the “greater good” of society! It’s the cornerstone of their demented ideology.

In Democrat Socialism, there is no such thing as listening to citizens. It’s always a “one-way” street… their way or off to work camps or firing squads. They allow only two classes of people: 1) the elites (obedient to rulers), and 2) low-class (disobedient or not committed to ideologies).

Worse yet, Dems point to California as their ‘proud’ example of successful Democrat Socialist controlled governments. In their gated communities, the Democrat Socialist elites live affluent and aristocratic lifestyles. The rest, not doing so well.

In the real world, those still with jobs use maps to circumvent areas where vagrant’s poop and dope. Diseases flourish among the homeless and are easily transferred to any person walking through the maze of disgusting humanity and living conditions.

Their narrative intentionally overlooks the thousands of homeless people permanently living on their streets and the thousands fleeing their State.

They also overlook all the drug addicts knocked out on sidewalks, parks, and streets. Democrat Socialists believe sex and drugs are recreational acts to be tolerated – not sin, offensive, health violations, or illegal.

“Fake news” teaches if they lie enough, some will eventually believe it. Liberals see this disgusting sight daily, but it doesn’t take long for them to develop a blind eye to reality. Today, Socialist Democrats only see the beautiful tents – not the people in them or their lifestyles.

Meanwhile, government officials become more and more insane in their efforts to throw more and more tax dollars at an intolerable situation. For them, it’s always about doctoring the symptoms – not the disease!

To add insult to injuries, government leaders proudly announce their total support for illegals but citizens be damned. Even free college tuition is available for illegals.

Regardless of what actions are taken by Democrat Socialists, the end results are no solutions to real problems. Instead, their schemes are to enrich their “partners in crime.” It’s always a constant Ponzi scheme using taxpayer money.

They pass legislation to provide millions for the homeless. However, 99% of the funds go toward administering the plan – or to their lackey’s out-of-proportion salaries, benefits, and bonuses.

The Democrat’s only desire is ensuring taxpayer funds always end up in their wallets for self-serving objectives to gain more power and control.

Is it any wonder why they hate President Trump? Little by little, the Trump Administration is exposing government corruption and they are running scared while their heads explode.

The sad part about all of this is the fact that most of the Democrat Socialist activities are criminal – not just innocent mistakes. They must be exposed, shunned, and fully prosecuted.

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Amanda Alverez

God, Family, Career, then everything else; Pro-American, neither Republican or Democrat; Focused upon Truth, Justice, and the American Way of Life

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