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Should Democrats Tear Down Their Wall?

In order to understand Democrats, we must first understand they all have “one” common thread linking them into one being… “spending other people’s money!” The reason this first stage is critical in their membership efforts is they lack self-confidence in doing anything transparent or honest.

Anyone recall President Obama’s famous lie? What about Nancy Pelosi’s major whoppers? Of course, it’s possible to fill an encyclopedia with lies told by Democrats used to cover up real issues. It’s a part of their pedigree and it’s what they do, constantly.

The purpose of their intentional fraudulence is every piece of legislation they support eventually puts money into the pockets of Democrats. Labor Union laws are a prime example. Teacher Unions give millions to Democrats every year. Meanwhile, ask who is paying Teacher’s salaries?

Yes, this Ponzi scheme may be legal, but is it ethical? How does this scheme fit into the Constitutional mandates for Congress? Where are the “always weak-kneed” Republicans when needed?

Obviously, isn’t this a prime example of “Taxation without Representation” since all Americans are never represented by Democrats. Instead, Democrats use taxpayer funds to fight against law abiding US Patriots in favor of others in hopes of gaining votes.

Of course, they are not strangers to taxpayer abuses when it comes to “weaponizing” government agencies to achieve their self-serving goals. It’s another way to fight anyone with differing opinions.

In this scheme, they call upon their “lackeys” in government agencies to file bogus charges to intimidate law abiding citizens into compromising their values and religious beliefs. Their goal is simple: “Democrats win – justice and righteousness be damned!”

Unfortunately, the US mainstream media is a part of their political party – not independent truth seekers protected by the US Constitution. In this manner, the Democrat’s evil doings are never exposed to the public. By the time their anti-American efforts are exposed, it’s normally too late. That’s why they hide behind their wall of deceit, and transparency is an abomination to Democrats.

Today, we see a massive group of Presidential hopefuls trying to out-lie the other. If taken seriously, we would falsely believe that under Democrat rule, everything becomes free.

For most of humanity, we move out of childhood into adulthood knowing there are no “free lunches.” So, why would any adult promote such lies? It’s always their prayer someone out there will somehow believe them and vote for them. Sadly, it’s all about votes – never about following through with such impossible promises while hiding behind their wall of deceit.

Of course, it’s the non-adults and illegals voting that requires our prayers and support. Not only will they be devastated by the Democrat’s lack of follow up on their unfilled promises but will cast doubt upon the greatness of America.

Today, these people acknowledge Donald Trump making promises and keeping them so they falsely assume Democrats will do the same. Every day, they are seeing America becoming greater for everyone and they falsely assume Democrats will only add to the successes of Donald Trump.

The folly of youth is at play not understanding Democrats use Republican success to build their campaign coffers and destroy American achievement. Donald Trump successes are finally forcing Democrats to stop hiding behind their wall of deceit and openly expose their grand plan to turn America into a Socialist country where everything is free.

What they are not telling everyone is the costs of socialism. Doesn’t it seem like Democrats are back in their old playbook by setting the stage for another civil war in America?

Even Democrat leaders can’t turn the tide in their wayward efforts. Meanwhile, their degrees of insanity continue to grow. Such actions should embarrass normal people, but it appears they no longer have any shame.

Regardless of political persuasion, it is totally obvious Democrats are only about money and power. American values, Judeo-Christian values, Justice, Righteousness, or any other value based system means nothing any longer. Instead, it’s now all about tearing down everything good and decent.

Now, we must demand Democrats tear down their wall of deceit and stop their anti-American religious philosophies!

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Amanda Alverez

God, Family, Career, then everything else; Pro-American, neither Republican or Democrat; Focused upon Truth, Justice, and the American Way of Life

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