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Have the Democrats, Media, and Labor Unions Finally Jumped off the Cliff?

Believe it or not, a group of teachers was caught protesting in a State Capitol with signs like “F U Carla and WTF.” Considering the reality children routinely tour capitol buildings, what must the parents, children, and fellow teachers think of these revered professionals?

Doesn’t this confirm public education is nothing more than Democrat propaganda centers? Every day, Democrats in Washington DC expose how they want to tear down America. Then their surrogates – the media and labor unions – rush the daily mantra into the public arenas to reinforce their desires and get in the face of citizens.

For Democrats, it’s a never-ending cycle of speeches from their protected platforms and then actions by their surrogates. If doubted, just monitor the mainstream media and see how each “news” service expresses identical news in an identical way. It’s an effort to present the narrative that Democrats are right, but all others are wrong.

If one should aspire to be a good Democrat Socialist, then just get inside the circle, repeat what you hear, and get unlearned people to believe the BS. If anyone objects and/or questions the statements, then yell ‘racist’ or ‘homophobe’ and shut down the conversation. That completes the circle.

Such illogic is so devastating to the Democrats because they can’t imagine why anyone would not believe them or see through their schemes. Of course, once one has jumped off the cliff, what would make any sense beyond that point? Should this plan continue, Democrats are not going to be pleased with the outcome at the end of this journey!

Democrats obviously now live in “la la land,” right? When we hear Democrats demanding “FREE” for the Socialistic cause being promoted, why shouldn’t we believe it will all work out? An Internet search for the countries employing Socialism will give you an ear full of how well the “FREE” stuff is working, right?

In so many Socialist dictator countries the free stuff is restricted to grass, weeds, dogs, cats, rodents, and garbage. The only other option is to join the elites running the country enjoying the lifestyles of the rich and famous.

The only problem with membership into the Democrat Socialist Elite Club, is how will you feel about murdering parents, neighbors, friends, and the like when they become disobedient? What about just tossing people you love into slave labor camps and prisons? How will you feel about spying and tattling on friends, family, and loved ones?

Yep, you are right, joining the elite Socialism is not the most desirous profession one might choose. However, it could easily be your last! We can see these affects in the US from the news media and labor unions. They, like Samson, slay thousands of citizens every day for Democrats. No, not so much physically, but mostly mentally when they believe the propaganda.

Once a person’s mind is no longer functioning as God intended (discerning truth from lies and being productive), then isn’t that person rendered a casualty of the war? Of course, the Father of any evil system like Socialism is none other than Satan. Isn’t following any evil scheme, approval of Satan?

Satan is always the Father of all evil. Please take note that propaganda is nothing else but a lie so we must all recognize the reality it is not “Godly” information. We don’t have to be geniuses to understand reality dictates there cannot be “FREE” anything unless someone confiscates it from others.

Thus, the biggest flaw in Democrat Socialism is not having any plan to compensate victims whose property and wealth is taken from them. That single link is what causes Socialism to fail because once the process begins to rob Peter to pay Paul, all the Peters flee the country or go broke, and the system will collapse – just like in the most recent case of Venezuela!

The only hope for Democrats is to have someone like President Trump and other strong conservatives willing to blast them daily with tidbits of fact and truth. No, they won’t like it because truth and fact create massive pain when propaganda is their only agenda. Regardless, lies and deceit never win!

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Amanda Alverez

God, Family, Career, then everything else; Pro-American, neither Republican or Democrat; Focused upon Truth, Justice, and the American Way of Life

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