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Democrats Working Hard for Blacks and Women, Really?

California is the epicenter for Democrat pride. Being a good and decent Democrat means being connected with California and supporting their leading-edge prejudices like sexism, racism, and anti-heterosexuality.

In their perspective, the world must soon accept the reality that San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Hollywood are the genesis of progress, sophistication, and wisdom. That is, if we don’t expose those nasty little details… like facts, right?

Regardless of the topic, Democrats run the State and want us all to understand, “California is wiser and better and should be the absolute model for all to follow.” Democrats in California don’t just talk… they walk the walk!

Never a day goes by that Democrat government leaders fail to teach us so much about how to deal with life, issues, and problems. Like when crime goes up, it’s time to downsize the police force and limit criminal prosecutions. Will other States and Cities learn from such wisdom?

California is experiencing a homeless explosion but once again, our government leaders show the way through this problem. They immediately raised property taxes. Talk about being on the leading edge, these brilliant leaders are so above the rest!

Californian roads are in total shambles causing routine lane closures. In turn, this is creating massive traffic jams and backed up traffic. Travel time to and from work has almost doubled making the trips much more expensive and wasted hours for everyone.

Again, Democrats arise and tell us not to worry about spending extra time and money involved in commuting because we have the brightest people running government. They immediately convene legislators and raise taxes on gasoline. Don’t you just love it?

Even when times get a bit scary, we must repent from our concerns knowing our government leaders are on top of everything. One of those times is an article about illegal aliens coming to America with Ebola. This story explained 20 migrants from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) were monitored for Ebola and other contagious diseases.

Again, foolish me for even thinking this could be bad. Legislators meet and declare California to be a “sanctuary state” with open arms for all illegal aliens. Don’t try to figure this one out because the legislators were giving each other “high 5’s” and cheering so it must be good!

Sexually transmitted diseases flood all of California societies. Unconscious drug addicts line our streets and public spaces. Used needles are tossed everywhere.

Yep, our Democrat legislators are as always right on top of this issue. They demand free needle dispensers, easier access to illegal drugs, free condoms, and parades. Are you surprised you couldn’t think of this solution?

Women, Blacks, and other minorities have for years fought for higher wages and better job opportunities. Once again, our government leaders do not disappoint us. After inviting illegals to come to California, illegal workers have flooded California eliminating most jobs and lowering wages.

Just when we thought Democrat politicians were not favoring us, they have government workers tell us we are lucky and should consider this welfare lifestyle as a promotion.

They explain we no longer need to work so hard and commute to jobs. Then they explain we can sit in comfortable chairs and rest most of the day while waiting our turns for assistance. Boy, was I ever thinking about this situation in the wrong way!

Knowing how helpful and successful Democrats are in California, I can’t wait to monitor the Democrat Presidential campaigns to learn about all the exciting plans they have in store for Americans. Many are already saying it’s going to be better than a circus.

Maybe they’ll tell us about plans to get to Mars, easier access to illegal drugs, ways to improve lifestyles while being homeless, ways to identify the best garbage locations, improving resistance to communicable diseases, how to live without jobs, and other ways to adjust to their expectations.

Well, on second thought, maybe the alternative to this insanity is… just vote Republican!

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Amanda Alverez

God, Family, Career, then everything else; Pro-American, neither Republican or Democrat; Focused upon Truth, Justice, and the American Way of Life

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