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In The Anita Hill Controversy, Joe Biden Lacks Logic And Cojones

Poor old Lunch Bucket Joe. He’s now being attacked by leftist gals, with whom, as a good “progressive”, radical Democrat, he should be on good terms and standing shoulder-to-shoulder in the fight to defeat the evil Donald Trump. But things have changed in the Democrat party and poor old Joe got left behind. Now he’s the enemy, not the savior Obama was, and the fact that he served Obama like the slavish fool he was and is, doesn’t give him any leverage at all with today’s savage, radical feminists.

Now old Joe is being criticized by his fellow leftists for the treatment he gave Anita Hill during the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings in 1991. So what does old Joe do when the radical feminists attack him? He begs forgiveness and apologizes for the things, real or imagined, that he said and did during the Thomas hearings.

What is forgotten in all of this idiotic leftist fretting and complaining is that Clarence Thomas, a black lawyer and judge of some repute, was nominated by President George H.W. Bush to the Supreme Court, and was being attacked in an attempt to have his nomination defeated by liberals who were using Anita Hill as their battering ram in an attempt to keep a black conservative off of the Supreme Court bench.

It appears that feminists want silk-glove treatment for themselves when they try to ruin a man’s career by inserting themselves into the political fray. All Joe Biden did was to subject Hill to an inquiry that made her actually have to defend herself and her baseless and inappropriate charges against Clarence Thomas. Hill should be apologizing to Clarence Thomas and Joe Biden instead of expecting Biden to beg forgiveness for doing the job a Senator is expected to do when a Supreme Court nominee is being destroyed in public.

The Anita Hill event was the precursor to the Kavanaugh hearings where we were supposed to believe the girl’s testimony, with no questioning of her being allowed and no expecting her to produce any evidence at all to support her charges, with the assumption that the man is automatically guilty as charged.

If Biden had any cojones he’d tell the feminists to stick their criticism of him where the sun don’t shine and ask them why they were so anxious to indict Mr. Thomas, himself a protected black man, based on the unsubstantiated charges against him. As Mr. Thomas asserted during the hearings, he felt that he was being strung up in an electronic lynching engineered by Democrats, and they owe him an apology for the mistreatment they heaped on him during that event.

But our Joey doesn’t want to offend the girls and expect them to abide by the same rules men have to live by. If Mr. Biden’s actions when confronted by nasty feminists is so wimpy that he’d quickly surrender to their diatribe, I fear how he would react to real threats by the likes or Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-Un in the real world of life and death.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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