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Now Everyone Is A “Person Of Color”

Remember when the term “person of color” meant a black person of African descent, one who had actually been harmed by discriminatory policies and prejudice?

Well now, with self-identity run amuck and preferences being given to anyone who is not lily white, the term “person of color” has become a political term and is being claimed by everyone who hates President Trump and who wants some sympathy for whatever imagined problem they seem to be having in life.

Muslims and Hispanics, many of whom are ranking government officials and who are new arrivals to the self-identified down-trodden classes, even though they often have considerable wealth, now claim “person of color” status and pout and complain about racism, while overseeing the destruction of America. When the scam artist who is complaining about being “of color” but is actually the same shade of skin color as the most white among us, it’s difficult to take them seriously.

After eight years of the presidency of Barack Obama, why are there still so many discriminated-against, under-privileged people of various national origins, and why has the number of “persons of color” increased multi-fold during and following the Obama administration?

When a powerful, Democrat, Muslim Congresswoman, as white as any “non-person of color” I’ve ever seen, attacks a white Congressman as being a racist and then retreats to the position of the poor, mistreated, picked on woman of color when challenged for her vicious attack, it raises concerns about where a new wave of racism is coming from, and it is coming from the highest, most privileged, positions in our governmental structure.

One position of racism that has not been discussed publicly as of this time, is that even those who complain the most about racism in other people may well themselves be racists, even those who are the darkest in skin color or are just pretending to have the correct, approved shade, can commit racist acts on occasion.

On the other hand, when people take differing positions on issues it‘s not of necessity a sign of racism; they may just disagree. But of course Democrats will yell RACISM every time there is a disagreement because Republicans don’t have the courage to stand up to such charges and fight back. I will say, though, that all of the hate and obstruction thrown at Donald Trump by Democrats certainly appears to be a form of racism, because all of the accomplishments of President Trump are being ignored by his critics, and the trumped-up collusion charges against him have no basis except in the most virulent hateful and racist politics.

But the person of color phenomenon is just what one can expect from liberals: a program is designed to reverse real discrimination and stop the maltreatment of individuals, and then all Democrats jump on the program and claim to themselves be victims, thereby making a sham of the whole attempt to right past wrongs, and increasing tensions between Americans who have no real beef with each other. It’s almost as though some people may be seeking a position of victimhood by claiming to have a “person of color privilege“.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. I am really tired of hearing about “Person of Color” MY mother brought me up to NEVER EVER be prejudiced. My mother’s family they can trace back to the Mayflower, over 200 years in the state of Connecticut, never owned slaves, then my mother did the sin of marrying a foreigner, a man from Denmark, she was ostracized by her own family, by friends, how dare she, by society, so she made sure that none of her children would ever act or be that way. My father followed all the laws, respected this nation America, made sure we all knew of American history and culture, and explained little of his own nation, Did not teach us his language (and he spoke 10 languages) told us all we would ever need is American English….I have had NO SPECIAL privileges, no breaks, have had to earn everything I ever had, I lost a lot because I was in a war overseas for 5 years came back here 95 lbs and $45.00 in my pocket and worked 3 jobs to get myself back on my feet, and I had been overseas saving people’s lives, no payback, no special VA anything, no pay, for all that I did, matter of fact lost everything because of it, so I worked my way back up slowly, painfully, no disability insurance, no special compensation because I was a person of “Non-Color” look, this is America ya either have grit and determination or ya don;t stop with the victim and color cards, they have NO meaning for me! If anything I have seen for decades now persons of color having way more breaks than I ever had

    1. Thank you for your service. Isn’t white a color? I didn’t have things handed to me as a white person. I have worked since I was in my teens and paid for all things in my life and still do. I am proud of what I have achieved. I have earned less than some but more than others. Working for the benefits in life does mean something. It gives you pride. Makes you a productive part of society. Not someone that sponges off others hard work. The thought that you deserve anything because you were born in the USA or whether you came across the border legally or illegally is nothing but garbage. If you want a better life educate yourself – a library is fully of opportunities – prove to yourself what you are made of and achieve. People are willing to give a hand up not a hand out – it doesn’t matter the color of your skin. Stop making it the issue. The issue is build initiative, self worth and pride in yourself. There will be a lot less angry and jealous people.

  2. …this is a load of crap AND a total cop-out on the part of these “non white” people…all of this “inclusion” and victimhood is the result of indoctrination that has gone on for many years — this is the marxist agenda and – hey guys – it’s working…..mull on this — there is not one “person of color” who wouldn’t trade places with a “person of white”…………

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