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Liberal Policies Always Expand To Central Government Controls

If there is a “right” to government healthcare and a “right” to tuition-free college, why is there no “right” to toilet paper, toothpaste, carrots and vitamin supplements? There is just as much need for the cleanliness of toilet paper and the nutritional value of carrots and vitamins as there is a need for government-provided higher education, and the need is more urgent for the carrots and vitamins because one cannot partake of an education program without proper health and nutrition coming first. But of course, the answer as to why college, and not vitamin supplements, is being promised to all Americans is because leftists always appeal to the members of society who are the most volatile, least informed and most likely to resort to violence to get the selfish things they want, and that’s today young people, represented by the ANTIFA crowd that loves to beat and burn.

So, as the demands of America’s leftist politicians provides for government healthcare and free education, the leftist government will expand the “rights” they believe will be needed to further their idea of a proper government, with working tax payers, as usual, picking up the ever-expanding bill for all of these goodies via confiscation of their wages.

But perhaps more important than “rights” is the availability and “access” to healthcare, college, toilet paper and carrots. If “access” to healthcare ends, in exchange for a new “right” to these things , and it usually does as Socialist/Communist governments tighten the “rights” screw on the larger population, then whether or not you have a “right” to healthcare becomes irrelevant, because there will be no more of it available for consumption or use, as the free “right“ is used to the saturation point and doctors retire or just stop working because the demand for their services, to which everyone now has a “right“, becomes over-burdened, and as the government begins paying them less in order to reduce the ever-increasing use and cost of the free thing, while still demanding more hours of work each day of the doctors and nurses, who have been inundated by an entire population who have a “right” to free healthcare.

In a Capitalist society “access” is always uppermost and always in play as entrepreneurs invent things and develop new ways to manufacture and deliver products and services, with the idea of making a “profit” from the new inventions and methods, which satisfies both the entrepreneur and the public. But under a Socialist government there may be “rights” aplenty, but does anyone have the ability to exercise this “right”, and is there any of it to “access”, after government controls have been put in place to regulate it, require it, or eliminate it?

As we saw in Venezuela, “rights” were assured to the citizens of that forlorn nation, but after the government placed controls on the prices that could be charged by farmers for growing vegetables, and after prices were placed on grocers controlling the prices they could charge when selling these items, it ended up that no one would grow them and no one would open a store to sell them, and the nation of Venezuela is now starving to death in the midst of enormous oil and mineral wealth, which is, once again, controlled by the government.

Liberals believe in making all things that they like, mandatory; and they forbid and make illegal all things that they don’t like. History is a great place to look to see how these things turn out, but reading a bunch of old books is too boring for Socialists, and, unfortunately, these same big-government advocates are too wrapped up in their idiotic plans to establish all kinds of additional “rights” to look at current events and recognize that Venezuela is staring them right in the face and telling them the error of their ways, and they can’t see a thing.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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